View from there: World averts gaze from Trump impeachment

View from there: World averts gaze from Trump impeachment

The 45th U.S. president may have become late Wednesday just the third White House occupant in American history to be impeached, but the tone of the global reaction from Mexico to Iran was notable for another reason: there wasn't any.

World leaders and senior diplomatic figures appear to be staying out of it. 

President Donald Trump was impeached by the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives on charges he abused his power by applying pressure on Ukraine for political gain and then obstructed an investigation by  Congress.

The move now sets up a trial in the Senate, where the Republicans have a majority.

While Trump is unlikely to be removed from office, it threatens to define his tenure. Presidents Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton were also impeached. Both were later acquitted by the Senate, while Richard Nixon resigned before a vote by the full House. 

Pathway of the impeachment process: How it works, where we are

Yet there was little immediate international reaction to Trump´s impeachment for a U.S. leader who has already upended the U.S.'s relationship with much of the world by casting doubt on longstanding alliances from the G-7 to NATO, pulled out of global climate and nuclear accords and generally treated foes like friends, and vice versa. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino