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Nova moeda digital chinesa visa controle sobre economia e sociedade

E-yuan permitirá extrair e analisar enorme conjunto de dados sobre cidadãos; projeto é forte golpe às fintechs do país
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China Acts to Slow Gains by Strongest Yuan in Almost Three Years

Central bank’s fixing was weaker than expected Wednesday. Onshore rate abruptly erased gain as banks sold a day earlier
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La apreciación del yuan impulsará a las monedas latinoamericanas

Los tipos de cambio de los países latinoamericanos tienden a avanzar en línea con el repunte de la moneda china.
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Yuan hovers at 7½-month low on weak fixing

US-China tensions unlikely to abate, so yuan could face more downside pressure, say analysts
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China, US agree to keep yuan exchange rate stable as part of trade deal, Beijing confirms

Chinese economic official confirms trade deal between Washington and Beijing will include currency clause to keep the yuan ‘basically stable’
Economía South China Morning Post - China Economía Internacional Frank Tang

China cuts banks’ reserve requirements in latest effort to boost economy amid US trade war

People’s Bank of China cuts reserve requirement for all banks by 0.50 percentage point effective from September 16. It also cuts reserve requirements for certain urban banks by another full percentage point, with half effective on October 15 and the rest a month later.
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China's yuan falls to lowest level in 11 years

The Chinese currency continues to slide as Beijing seeks to buffer against US tariffs. Global markets are rattled by an intensifying US-China trade war.
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EE.UU. solo dejará de aumentar la presión cuando comience a sentir el dolor de la guerra con China

Andrew Sheng, reconocido académico chino, hoy en la universidad de Hong Kong y Tsinghua de Beijing, afirmó que los chinos no pueden ser acusados de manipulación de divisas y advirtió que Estados Unidos “solo dejará de aumentar la presión (hacia China) cuando comience a sentir el dolor” ante una posible recesión.
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Renminbi falls past Rmb7 per dollar for first time in 11 years

China’s central bank blames tariffs for move as Asian currencies and markets weaken
Economía The Washington Post - Estados Unidos Gerry Shih

Markets plunge after China lets currency fall to a decade low in payback against Trump’s tariffs

China mounted a counteroffensive Monday to new U.S. tariffs by allowing its tightly controlled currency to slide to an 11-year low, a move that could further provoke the ire of President Trump, who believes that Beijing unfairly suppresses the value of the renminbi to bolster Chinese exporters at the expense of the United States.
Economía South China Morning Post - China Economía Internacional Karen Yeung

China is underestimating its US$3 trillion dollar debt and this could trigger a financial crisis, says economist

Property developers and other mainland companies and investors that have borrowed dollar-denominated debt at low US interest rates are now facing repayment problems due to Federal Reserve rate increases and stronger greenback
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Chinese yuan falls to lowest level since global financial crisis as trade war with US heats up

The People's Bank of China has reportedly let the renminbi slip to a 10-year low against the dollar on Tuesday. A cheaper yuan helps Chinese products mitigate the losses from US import tariffs imposed by President Trump.
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Economic Watch: China's industrial structural adjustment proceeds, profit growth slows

As China's supply-side structural reform continued apace, industrial sector posted improved efficiency and structure, though growth of combined profits slowed due to high base of last year.
Economía CNBC - Estados Unidos Economía Internacional Huileng Tan

The Chinese yuan is 'fairly valued' despite recent weakening, says IMF mission chief

The Chinese yuan is still "fairly valued" despite recent declines against the dollar recently, said an International Monetary Fund official. The divergence in U.S. and China monetary conditions contribute to the recent slide in the Chinese yuan.
Economía China Daily - China Economía Internacional Jiang Xueqing

Yuan set to play bigger role in global reserves, says HSBC

Global reserve managers expect 8.5 percent of foreign reserves to be invested in renminbi by 2020, according to a recent survey sponsored by HSBC, an international banking and financial services institution.
Economía Xinhua - China Economía Internacional

ENTREVISTA: Analista destaca progreso en uso internacional de moneda china

La moneda china, el renminbi o yuan, tiene un cada vez mayor uso global y la perspectiva es que esa tendencia se profundizará a partir de la mayor apertura del país asiático, que hace hincapié en el comercio global transnacional, enfatizó la analista argentina Paola de Simone.
Economía Global Times - China Economía Internacional Hu Weijia

Yuan’s unexpected rise against US dollar calls for caution, careful management

The yuan has strengthened against the US dollar in the past few months, an unexpected development for China, which was preoccupied with currency depreciation in 2016 and at the beginning of this year. China needs to control the pace of the yuan's rise, as an appreciation that is too strong or too fast is as dangerous as a sharp depreciation in the currency.
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