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Biden, Suga commit to take on China’s challenges in the Pacific

20:34 - COVID-19, climate, the Tokyo Olympics, North Korea, Xinjiang and Taiwan were among the issues raised in their first White House meeting.
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EEUU y Japón prevén un impulso a la tecnología 5G con la mira en China en la cita de Biden y Suga

El presidente estadounidense, Joe Biden, recibe el viernes al primer ministro de Japón en la primera cumbre en persona de su mandato, y se espera que los líderes anuncien una iniciativa de 2.000 millones de dólares para la tecnología 5G en un esfuerzo conjunto para competir con China.
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Japan Considers Extension of Covid Emergency as Economy Sputters

Prime Minister Suga’s decision seen coming Tuesday, Kyodo says. Parliament house approves measures to add teeth to guidelines
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Honeymoon over for Japan's new PM amid Covid third wave

Support for Yoshihide Suga plunges as his travel policy is blamed in part for rise in infections.
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Japanese economy rebounds from record slump as pandemic pain eases

Japan’s biggest expansion in more than a half century outpaced expectations as exports and consumption powered growth, though the recovery is likely to cool this quarter as the virus sets new infection records at home and overseas.
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Japan should brace for 'leaderless era' as U.S. turns inward, Suga adviser says

A prominent economic adviser to the prime minister says Tokyo should prepare for a “leaderless era” as U.S. global leadership gradually withers, and expand other strategic ties while bolstering its security alliance with Washington.
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Suga's Indo-Pacific initiative raises concern for Indonesia and the region: Jakarta Post columnist

In the article, the writer says that the Quad's version of Indo-Pacific cooperation is alarming for Indonesia and Asean.
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Japan’s Suga to focus on security as he visits Vietnam, Indonesia

Prime minister’s first overseas trip since his September appointment to show commitment to Southeast Asia.
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Suga’s first diplomatic trip to Southeast Asia masks larger agenda

According to a report by the Kyodo News on Tuesday, Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga said in a meeting with his Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) he considered that his planned trip to Vietnam and Indonesia is of great importance in promoting an open and free Indo-Pacific region, with centrally located ASEAN playing a key role in the initiative.
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'Suganomics' and India-Japan economic ties: A seven-point plan

One of the foremost challenges awaiting the new Prime Minister of Japan, Yoshihide Suga, is how to bring the Japanese economy — facing a crippling recession spurred in part by the COVID-19 pandemic — back on track.
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Suga and Trump vow to boost Japan-U.S. security alliance in first phone call

Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga and U.S. President Donald Trump agreed on Sunday night to further strengthen the Japan-U.S. security alliance, in their first phone call since the new Japanese leader took office.
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Yoshihide Suga confirmed as Japan prime minister as Abe defends 'proud' legacy

MPs approve Suga as PM, as outgoing leader promises support for successor who vowed to continue his policies
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Suga to maintain Japan's China policy: Global Times editorial

As anticipated, Yoshihide Suga won the election for the leadership of Japan's Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) on Monday afternoon. He defeated Fumio Kishida and Shigeru Ishiba by a landslide victory. Since the LDP is Japan's ruling party, it means Suga will be Japan's new prime minister in two days, succeeding Shinzo Abe.
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Yoshihide Suga: la continuidad de Shinzo Abe del próximo primer ministro de Japón

El veterano político, portavoz y secretario jefe del gabinete de Abe, ha sido elegido nuevo líder del gobernante Partido Liberal Democrático y será, dentro de dos días, ratificado primer ministro
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Suga, Abe’s right-hand man, declares candidacy for LDP leadership vote

Yoshihide Suga, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s faithful right-hand man who has served as top government spokesman for Abe’s entire second tenure, declared his entry into a Liberal Democratic Party leadership contest Wednesday, brandishing stability and continuity as his chief qualifications to steer the country.
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Japón: El 14 de septiembre serán las elecciones internas para suceder al primer ministro

El secretario general del Gobierno japonés, Yoshihide Suga, se perfila como el candidato del partido en el poder y amplio favorito para suceder al primer ministro Shinzo Abe.
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