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Rebeldes hutíes de Yemen se atribuyen un ataque a Emiratos Árabes Unidos

El aeropuerto internacional de Abu Dabi, capital de Emiratos Árabes Unidos (EAU) y la cercana zona industrial de Mussafah recibieron este lunes sendos ataques que han sido reivindicados por los rebeldes hutíes de Yemen. Los ataques, perpetrados con misiles y drones dejaron tres muertos y seis heridos. La Coalición Árabe, liderada por Arabia Saudita y de la que forma parte EAU, bombardeó Saná, la capital de Yemen, como respuesta.
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Yemen’s Houthi Rebels Claim Aerial Attacks on U.A.E. Capital

17:05 - Rebels say deadly attack was retaliation for Emirates’ intensifying role in Yemeni war
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Iran’s Top Diplomat to Houthi-Controlled Yemen Dies of Covid-19

13:07 - Hassan Irloo was smuggled into Yemen in 2020 and named ambassador to parts of the country controlled by Houthis
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France to Sell Jet Fighters to U.A.E. as Gulf Nation Awaits U.S. Purchase

17:38 - United Arab Emirates’ deal for American military aircraft has been held up over the country’s cooperation with Beijing
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Tunisia’s Democracy Verges on Collapse as President Moves to Take Control

26/07 - 19:29 - The effort by President Kais Saied threatened the only democracy to emerge from the Arab Spring protests a decade ago, and his opponents called it a coup.
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Saudi Arabia Offers Cease-Fire Deal in Yemen War

17:09 - Kingdom’s foreign minister announces new proposal for a cease-fire with the Iran-aligned Houthis ahead of political negotiations
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UN calls for inquiry after rebels fired missiles into Yemen detention centre

18:47 - Dozens of Ethiopian migrants died and UN special envoy described the deaths as ‘extraordinarily horrific’
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UN warns of Yemen ‘death sentence’ as donor pledges fall short

17:37 - UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres ‘disappointed’ after only $1.7bn pledged at donor conference to fund urgently needed humanitarian programmes.
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US President Biden, Saudi King Salman discuss end to Yemen war

21:12 - Biden affirms US commitment to Saudi defence, calls for diplomacy in Yemen and praises release of rights activists.
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Biden ends support for Saudi’s Yemen war in foreign policy shift

The president is preparing for the US to take on a more active role in ending the protracted civil war in Yemen.
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Biden paraliza el repliegue de tropas en Alemania y retira el apoyo a la ofensiva saudí en Yemen

El presidente, en su primer gran discurso sobre política exterior, defiende el multilateralismo y pide a Rusia la liberación inmediata de Navalni
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Biden vows to restore U.S. alliances and lead with diplomacy in his first foreign policy address

21:45 - In his first foreign policy address since ascending to the nation’s highest office, President Joe Biden vowed to repair alliances through diplomacy and restore Washington’s leadership position on the global stage.
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UN officials: Houthis terror designation is 'death sentence' for Yemen civilians

15:10 - Top United Nations officials are calling for the U.S. to reverse a decision to label Yemen’s Iran-backed Houthis as a terrorist organization, saying the move will cause a large-scale famine in a country already suffering the worst humanitarian crisis in the world.
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U.N. warns of serious repercussions from planned U.S. blacklisting of Yemen's Houthis

20:44 - The United Nations warned on Monday that a U.S. plan to designate Yemen’s Houthi movement as a foreign terrorist organization is “likely to have serious humanitarian and political repercussions.”
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Blasts hit Yemen’s Aden airport as new unity government arrives

18:18 - Aden airport struck by large explosion shortly after plane carrying the new Yemeni government arrives from Saudi Arabia.
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Pompeo pressed against labeling Houthis a terrorist group

15:01 - The Trump administration’s push to label Yemen’s Iranian-backed Houthi group as a terrorist organization would be “deeply damaging” to U.S. national security, say former U.S. diplomats and State Department officials.
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Yemen in ‘imminent danger’ of world’s worst famine in decades: UN

15:56 - Guterres’ warning comes as the US threatens to blacklist the Houthis, raising fears aid delivery will be blocked.
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US seizes missiles and sanctions 11 firms over Iran oil dealings

17:00 - With only five days left until the November 3 US presidential election, Trump administration is reinforcing its litany of sanctions aimed at isolating Iran.
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Yemen separatists abandon self-rule but peace deal doubts remain

Southern separatists rescind declaration of self-rule, pledge to implement power-sharing deal with Hadi's government. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino