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Trump dice probablemente no firmará acuerdo con China hasta reunión con Xi en Chile

16/10 - 12:27 - Trump, dijo a periodistas en la Casa Blanca que el acuerdo parcial anunciado la semana pasada estaba en proceso de redacción.
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They Run the World’s Biggest Countries. Their Talk Won’t Be Easy.

As Narendra Modi of India and Xi Jinping of China meet, a host of potential conflicts are sharing the room with them.
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Top US diplomat keeps up pressure on China over Muslim Uighurs

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says Beijing is responsible for the 'enormous human rights violation' in Xinjiang.
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Xi Jinping Has Embraced Vladimir Putin—for Now

03/10 - 15:25 - There was a back-to-the-future vibe to China’s 70th birthday extravaganza this week. The elaborate festivities were all about Xi Jinping, China’s most powerful leader since Mao Zedong, who died in 1976. At home, Xi has called for China’s glorious “rejuvenation,” a theme drummed home in dozens of kitschy parade floats and precision choreography. Abroad, U.S. President Donald Trump’s trade war has chilled Chinese-U.S. ties and revived fears of a Cold War.
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El ascenso chino

Pekín celebra los 70 años de régimen sin dar atisbos de apertura política
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Macri se reúne con el ministro de Defensa chino para reforzar la cooperación

04/09 - 21:18 - El presidente de Argentina, Mauricio Macri, se reunió este miércoles en Buenos Aires con el ministro de Defensa chino, Wei Fenghe, para reforzar el marco de cooperación que ambos países establecieron en el G20 que se celebró el año pasado en la capital argentina.
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Trump suggests trade deal can wait for Hong Kong resolution

President Donald Trump suggested Wednesday that trade talks with China can wait until tensions in Hong Kong have eased, tweeting: "Of course China wants to make a deal. Let them work humanely with Hong Kong first!"
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China announces fresh military exercises in South China Sea as U.S. carrier enters waterway

China has announced it will hold military exercises near the disputed Paracel Islands in the South China Sea on Tuesday and Wednesday.
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ENTREVISTA - Presidente de Colombia: "Los cambios que vi en China son fascinantes"

El presidente de Colombia, Iván Duque Márquez, visitó China en 2005 como turista. Estos días ha vuelto como mandatario. "Los cambios que vi esta vez son aún más fascinantes", señaló en una entrevista exclusiva con Xinhua en la que también destacó los estrechos vínculos entre los dos países y las oportunidades de cooperación en el futuro.
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El Ejército chino advierte de que puede intervenir en Hong Kong para mantener el orden

Tras los enfrentamientos del domingo, el Ministerio de Defensa recuerda que la guarnición en la ciudad puede ser desplegada a petición del Gobierno local
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Trump and Xi Agree to Restart Trade Talks, Avoiding Escalation in Tariff War

President Trump and President Xi Jinping of China agreed on Saturday to resume trade talks after a seven-week breakdown, averting for now an escalation of their multibillion-dollar tariff war that has roiled global markets and threatened the future of the world’s two largest economies.
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Europa presiona para blindar la lucha contra el cambio climático en el G20

"Los estadounidenses mantienen un lenguaje muy duro en la mesa de negociaciones", afirma el presidente francés, Emmanuel Macron
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G20: China’s Xi says rich countries ‘destroying’ trade system

Chinese President Xi Jinping accused developed countries of engaging in protectionist behaviour that was “destroying” the global trade system, as he prepared to meet Donald Trump at the G20 summit in Osaka.
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Xi, Trump to take another shot at easing trade tensions

Hope for de-escalation remains, but prospect for a truce dimmed by US brinkmanship.
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Abe, Xi agree on need for 'free, fair' trade

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Chinese President Xi Jinping agreed to work together to promote "free and fair trade" in talks on Thursday that included a "complicated" global economic landscape, a Japanese official said.
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Trump’s Trade War Is the Wrong Way to Compete With China

Defensive protectionism will not meet the China challenge; only domestic revival can do that. Restoring the United States’ global standing and revitalizing its economy will require an ambitious strategy that doesn’t rely solely on changing Chinese behavior so much as on preparing the United States to compete.
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Chinese President Xi Jinping promises to play ‘positive’ role in helping North Korea denuclearise

Chinese leader tells Kim Jong-un he is ready to assist peace talks and help North meet its needs at start of two-day state visit to Pyongyang. Kim avoids naming Donald Trump directly, but blames the ‘relevant parties’ for not responding to his overtures
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Warnings Won't Go Away as Trump-Xi Optimism Sparks Risk Rally

The prospect of a Trump-Xi meeting in Osaka next week lifted the mood across an emerging-market universe already confident the Federal Reserve will show the requisite dovishness at the end of its two-day meeting today. But markets, today at least, don’t appear too worried.
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Xi Jinping: Russia and China staying in tune with the times

On the eve of Xi Jinping's official visit to Russia, China's president speaks to TASS and Rossiyskaya Gazeta.
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