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Delgado se reunió con el embajador de China para afinar logística de entrega de vacunas

15:34 - En las próximas horas, se realizará una nueva videoconferencia técnica entre ambos países centrada en estos desafíos para las próximas horas.
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Trump’s Trade Deal With China Is ‘Under Review,’ White House Says

12:55 - The Biden administration has former President Donald Trump’s so-called phase-one trade deal with China “under review” along with the rest of the U.S. posture toward Beijing, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said Friday.
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Xi champions multilateralism at Davos, takes aim at US policies

Addressing the World Economic Forum on Monday night, Chinese President Xi Jinping delivered a stern repudiation of bullying tactics, ideological prejudice and hatred as well as economic decoupling and sanctions, which he warned could push the world into division and confrontation, and offered an inclusive multilateral approach that would guide the world out of darkness. Through the speech, China is also sounding the alarm and offering constructive suggestions for future China-US relations, Chinese observers noted.
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China's hopes for hegemony may soon be dashed

China's success in tackling and recovering from Covid may not extend beyond the end of the pandemic
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El llamado de Xi en Davos: “Si comenzamos una guerra fría, esto solo llevará al mundo a la división e incluso a la confrontación”

11:00 - El mandatario chino defendió que el multilateralismo es el camino para salir de la crisis económica mundial, e hizo un llamado a “dejar de lado la arrogancia, los prejuicios y el odio”.

1 El llamado de Xi en Davos: “Si comenzamos una guerra fría, esto solo llevará al mundo a la división e incluso a la confrontación” - Diario Financiero
https://www.df.cl/noticias/internacional/economia/el-llamado-de-xi-en-da... 3/3

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El primer Davos virtual pone la vista en Asia (y en Xi)

20:30 - El Foro Económico Mundial alerta de la amenaza que supone la pandemia para las desigualdades
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Xi Jinping y la gobernanza china

18/01 El Partido Comunista necesita observar una ética exigente para legitimarse y conservar el poder
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China-Russia ties won’t be broken, declare Xi and Putin in signal to Biden

Chinese leader says New Year phone call with Russian leader indicates their relationship will endure any attempt to suppress and divide. In the US, the incoming president says he is looking to form ‘stronger coalitions’ against China
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Pushback on Xi’s Vision for China Spreads Beyond U.S.

14:33 - Countries that once avoided upsetting Beijing are moving closer to Washington’s harder stance
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China-EU relations: Xi tells Macron he hopes Europe can be positive about Beijing

Leaders agree in phone call to cooperate on space exploration projects and tackling the Covid-19 pandemic. Pair say they also hope a China-EU investment agreement can be finalised as soon as possible
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China’s Xi Ramps Up Control of Private Sector. ‘We Have No Choice but to Follow the Party.’

Push driven by a conviction that markets and entrepreneurs are not to be fully trusted; ‘the market-reform camp is all but gone’
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‘Let’s build a digital Silk Road’: Xi Jinping looks to cement China’s ties with Asean

Xi delivers keynote speech at China-Asean Expo in Nanning, saying the regional bloc is a priority for Beijing. Xi’s speech and Chinese foreign minister’s trip to Japan and South Korea are set against US president-elect’s declared interest in Asia-Pacific
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Xi Jinping congratulates Joe Biden on US election victory

Chinese president’s message leaves Vladimir Putin one of the few world leaders yet to acknowledge win
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Xi asegura que China se esforzará en concluir el acuerdo con la UE este año

El presidente de China, Xi Jinping, aseguró hoy a la canciller alemana, Angela Merkel, que su país se "esforzará" en concluir el acuerdo bilateral de inversiones con la Unión Europea (UE) en el plazo previsto, antes de que concluya este año.
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Chinese President Xi Jinping blasts protectionism in APEC speech

The Chinese president boasted about the role China will play in solving major global crises while preaching the benefits of free trade. He was talking in the aftermath of the signing of the world's biggest trade deal.
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Xi Jinping defiende la apertura económica frente al proteccionismo para hacer frente a la pandemia

El presidente chino, Xi Jinping, ha hecho hoy una encendida defensa de la apertura económica y el multilaterialismo frente al proteccionismo de otros países para garantizar la recuperación económica tras la pandemia de covid-19.
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Xi Jinping, un Mao 2.0 para el nuevo Gran Salto Adelante de China

La hoja de ruta del Partido Comunista para los próximos 15 años le consagra como único "timonel" del país, tras lograr un poder interno omnímodo a base de purgas políticas
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Cúpula do Brics expõe diferenças e racha entre Brasil e China

18:20 - Bolsonaro tem primeiro encontro, ainda que virtual, com presidente da China depois de críticas à vacina chinesa
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China's Xi Jinping to lay out trade challenge facing next US president

Chinese President Xi Jinping is expected to lay out his plans for a more innovation-driven and self-reliant economy on a tumultuous day for investors.
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China ya tiene meta para 2035: duplicar el tamaño de su economía

Xi Jinping, presidente chino, señaló que este es un objetivo que se puede alcanzar gracias a los 'ambiciosos planes' ideados por el Partido Comunista.
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