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Economía The Guardian - Reino Unido Economía Internacional Daniel Hurst

Australian government asks China for same reduction in trade barriers as US

Request emerges as experts warn of ‘collateral damage’ from Xi Jinping and Donald Trump deal to end trade war
Economía The Guardian - Reino Unido Economía Internacional Daniel Hurst

Australian government asks China for same reduction in trade barriers as US

14:30 - Request emerges as experts warn of ‘collateral damage’ from Xi Jinping and Donald Trump deal to end trade war. China’s decision to impose 80% tariffs on barley from Australia coincided with a move to allow imports of the same product from the US.
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What Xi knew: pressure builds on China’s leader

The annual session of China’s parliament was supposed to have been a triumphant occasion for President Xi Jinping, marking the halfway point of his second term with the path clear for him to begin an unprecedented third term in 2023.
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Trump Says He Doesn’t Want to Talk to Xi as China Tensions Rise

14/05 - 09:31 - President muses about severing trade ties with China. Trump says U.S. is looking at Chinese companies on exchanges.
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Coronavirus: US lawyers seek trillions from China as Trump hails trade deal

15:55 - A group of US lawyers is seeking trillions from the Chinese government, accusing Beijing of knowing about a coronavirus outbreak on its soil then covering it up.
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China’s Aggressive Diplomacy Weakens Xi Jinping’s Global Standing

17/04 - 13:15 - In the past week officials in France, Britain and nearly two dozen African nations have rebuked actions or statements by the Chinese government.
Economía The New York Times - Estados Unidos Economía Internacional Keith Bradsher

Coronavirus Could End China’s Decades-Long Economic Growth Streak

The weakness raises the possibility that the Chinese economy may have shrunk in the first quarter of this year. It would be the first contraction since 1976.
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Xi Jinping visita Wuhan y dice que el coronavirus está "prácticamente contenido" en su epicentro

El presidente chino se desplaza a uno de los hospitales que se construyó en tiempo récord y visita a médicos, pacientes y voluntarios. Muchos esperan que el gesto implique también la apertura gradual de la cuarentena en Wuhan.
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Xi Focus: Xi chairs leadership meeting on controlling COVID-19, stabilizing economy

12:36 - Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, on Wednesday chaired a leadership meeting to study the major tasks in preventing and controlling the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and stabilizing economic and social development.
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Why 2019 was a turning point in the global battle for democracy

27/12 - 15:00 - When the history of our time is written, the year 2019 might stand as the turning point in the battle for liberal democracy — a year when millions of people rose to fight against the forces that for more than a decade have been bulldozing it, trampling the values of free societies almost unimpeded.
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In phone call with Trump, China's Xi says U.S. interfering in internal affairs

20/12 - 12:37 - U.S. President Donald Trump spoke on Friday with Chinese President Xi Jinping and claimed progress on issues from trade to North Korea and Hong Kong, but China said Xi accused the United States of interfering in its internal affairs.
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Putin: "Rusia y China tienen un nivel de confianza sin precedentes"

El presidente ruso cree que es importante que los países cooperen en las áreas de alta tecnología, entre otros sectores.
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China’s Xi Jinping vows support for Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam during 'most difficult' time

HONG KONG - Chinese President Xi Jinping offered his support for Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam on Monday (Dec 16), praising her courage in governing the Chinese-ruled financial hub in these "most difficult" times after months of often violent anti-government protests.
Economía South China Morning Post - China Economía Internacional Frank Tang

China to focus on economic ‘contingency plans’ to battle growing pressures in 2020

Central Economic Work Conference, attended by President Xi Jinping, took place under close scrutiny due to the US trade war and the slowing domestic economy
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El presidente chino invita al mandatario electo de Argentina a visitar su país

El presidente electo de Argentina, Alberto Fernández, recibió la invitación del presidente chino, Xi Jinping, para visitar el país asiático durante un encuentro que mantuvo con su enviado especial, el vicepresidente del Comité Permanente de la Asamblea Popular Nacional de China, Arken Imirbaki.
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Xi y Putin ponen en marcha el suministro de gas ruso a China por el gasoducto Fuerza de Siberia

os presidentes de Rusia y China, Vladímir Putin y Xi Jinping, pusieron en marcha los suministros de gas ruso al país asiático por el gasoducto Fuerza de Siberia.
Economía South China Morning Post - China Economía Internacional Wendy Wu

China wants a US trade deal – but will fight back if necessary, says President Xi Jinping

Chinese leader says his country is working for an agreement on the basis of ‘mutual respect and equality’ in first public comment on prospects for phase one agreement. Xi tells Bloomberg New Economy Forum in Beijing ‘Chinese dream’ is nothing to fear but country wants to avoid repeating past ‘humiliations’
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Bolsonaro entierra sus críticas y alaba la relación bilateral con China al recibir a los BRICS

Las divergencias sobre Venezuela y Bolivia se cuelan en la cumbre de los grandes exponentes del mundo emergente, un club cada vez más dispar en lo económico
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