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Xi Jinping advierte a Taiwán de que no renuncia a la fuerza para lograr la reunificación

La presidenta de la isla replica a su homólogo chino que los taiwaneses jamás aceptarán la fórmula 'un país, dos sistemas'
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Policies to boost China's economy

Editor's Note: The central authorities emphasized in recent months that the country will continue to actively support the growth of the private economy, open wider to foreign investment, safeguard the legitimate interests of foreign businesses and step up efforts to develop artificial intelligence technology. China Daily interviewed scholars and business executives for their opinions on these aspects.
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China cuts tariffs on more than 700 goods in bid to open up economy and lower domestic consumer costs

Ministry of Finance will implement zero tariffs on imports of a variety of meals including sunflower and canola as well as pharmaceutical manufacturing materials Taxes on hi-tech imports will be set ‘relatively low’ as Beijing seeks to implement President Xi Jinping’s promises amid trade war with the United States
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Xi alerta en el 40 aniversario de las reformas que China no aceptará dictados de otras naciones

El presidente chino pronuncia un discurso marcado por las presiones para que el país acelere sus reformas y mejore el acceso a las empresas extranjeras en medio de la guerra comercial con EE.UU.
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China Focus: Reform, opening-up to inspire world with "Sinomics"

BEIJING, Dec. 19 (Xinhua) -- China's stunning development sparked by reform and opening-up policies 40 years ago has enabled promising possibilities for nearly 20 percent of the world's population and for the creation of new theoretical contribution -- "Sinomics."
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China celebra 40 años de apertura

El presidente chino, Xi Jinping, advirtió de que "nadie está en posición de dictar al pueblo chino lo que debería hacer" durante la conmemoración del 40 aniversario de la apertura del país asiático.
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China will continue to reform, but on its own terms, says President Xi

BEIJING - President Xi Jinping on Tuesday (Dec 18) vowed to continue the journey of reform and the opening up of his country, but warned other nations not to impose their will on China or interfere in its development.
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China kowtows to Donald Trump over trade

Xi Jinping has blinked first in the battle of the superpowers. It’s because he fears the president, says an influential US aide
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China trade steps seen as good start but leave core U.S. demands untouched

The United States has welcomed Chinese concessions since the two declared a trade war truce in early December, but trade experts and people familiar with negotiations say Beijing needs to do far more to meet U.S. demands for long-term change in how China does business.
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China, Germany agree to further intensify bilateral ties

Chinese President Xi Jinping and visiting German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier agreed Monday to further intensify the all-round strategic partnership between the two countries, to make bilateral cooperation yield more fruits that benefit both nations, both peoples, and the world peace and prosperity.
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Huawei CFO’s Arrest Deals a Blow to Xi Jinping’s Drive for China Tech Supremacy

The arrest of a senior executive of networking-gear maker Huawei Technologies Co. intensifies the confrontation in the already divisive China-U.S. negotiations on trade, striking at Chinese President Xi Jinping’s ambitions to make the country a tech superpower.
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Bruselas advierte de que la UE debe “tener miedo” de empresas chinas como Huawei

A la Comisión le preocupa que Pekín pueda acceder a la información de los ciudadanos europeos a través de los dispositivos que venden en el continente
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China plans to buy US crude oil now that Trump and Xi have agreed to hit pause on the trade war

China's crude oil imports from the United States ground to a halt this year as a trade war between the two countries escalated. But the tariff ceasefire that both countries agreed to over the weekend has opened the window for China to import American crude oil. U.S. crude oil has to arrive in China by March 1, when the 90-day period comes to an end.
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Le président chinois au Panama, enjeu stratégique en Amérique Latine

Le président chinois Xi Jinping a conclu lundi soir une visite officielle d'un peu moins de 24 heures au Panama, autrefois chasse gardée des États-Unis et aujourd'hui pièce essentielle dans la stratégie de Pékin pour étendre son influence en Amérique Latine.
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Canciller argentino celebra visita de Estado de presidente chino Xi Jinping

El ministro de Relaciones Exteriores y Culto de Argentina, Jorge Faurie, celebró hoy la visita de Estado que realizó al país sudamericano el presidente chino, Xi Jinping, y consideró que el vínculo bilateral tiene una gran confianza y capacidad de crecer.
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Argentina and China sign deals strengthening ties after G-20

China's president on Sunday signed new trade deals with Argentina as the Asian giant expands its growing role in Latin American economies.
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