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Putin, Xi, Pope Join 40 Leaders at Biden’s Climate Summit

12:28 - President Joe Biden is bringing together dozens of foreign leaders along with corporate executives, union heads and Pope Francis in a two-day virtual summit meant to invigorate the global fight against climate change and restore U.S. credibility on the issue.
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Xi to join Biden’s climate summit despite tensions

Chinese president’s attendance rare bright spot in relations between world’s biggest carbon emitters
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Xi Jinping desafía el liderazgo global de Estados Unidos y llama a integración

19:01 - El presidente chino, Xi Jinping, pidió una mayor integración económica mundial y advirtió de un posible desacoplamiento al tiempo que instaba a Estados Unidos y sus aliados a evitar “dar instrucciones a los demás”.
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China’s Xi Jinping makes it clear no one country can call shots on world affairs

14:54 - In addressing global warming and other issues, China’s president in a message no doubt aimed at the US stressed international rules should not be dictated by a single big power
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China GDP: five things to watch

First-quarter data expected to reveal strong growth a year after Covid shut down econom
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Xi, Merkel agree on significance of China-Germany cooperation, strategic independence of EU

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Wednesday urged Germany and the EU to make joint efforts with China to protect and promote the healthy and stable development of their cooperation to bring more certainty and stability to the volatile world
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China Tests Biden With South China Sea Tactic That Misled Obama

19:02 - Based on the official view from Beijing, the Philippines has no reason to worry about Chinese fishing boats sitting along a disputed reef in the South China Sea.
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Biden’s Invites to Virtual Climate Summit Include Putin, Xi

17:03 - President Joe Biden included Russia’s Vladimir Putin and China’s Xi Jinping among 40 world leaders he invited to a White House climate summit next month, showing he plans to include friends and foes in his administration’s first major international gathering.
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Brasil é líder entre 50 países que recebem vacinas e insumos da China, afirma embaixador do país

11:41 - Apesar do 'grande desequilíbrio entre oferta e demanda' de vacinas, Yang Wanming disse que seu país está 'sensibilizado' com a situação brasileira; ele ainda afirmou que Pequim espera um ambiente de negócios não discriminatório no Brasil
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China e Rússia reagem a pressão de Biden e reforçam aliança contra os EUA

15:21 - Sob sanções, países pedem reunião na ONU e criticam americanos, que vão à Otan prometer mais cooperação
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China's top political advisory body starts annual session

China's top political advisory body started its annual session Thursday afternoon in Beijing.
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China busca un control político absoluto sobre Hong Kong

20:30 - El legislativo, que empieza este viernes su reunión clave del año, abordará una reforma electoral en el territorio autónomo y presentará el nuevo plan quinquenal para el país
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Xi promete apoyo continuo para la lucha de Colombia contra la COVID-19

El presidente chino Xi Jinping dijo hoy jueves que China está lista para seguir proporcionando tanto apoyo como su capacidad lo permita a la lucha de Colombia contra la pandemia de COVID-19 y para cooperar con el país en el tema de las vacunas.
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Biden critica en su primera conversación con Xi los abusos y la escalada autoritaria de China

El presidente de Estados Unidos muestra su estrategia con Pekín y expresa su preocupación por las prácticas comerciales y, además, la represión en Hong Kong y Taiwán
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Biden Raises Concerns With China’s Xi in First Call Since Election

The two leaders developed a friendly relationship during the Obama years, but now face a wide range of contentious issues.
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Joe Biden and Xi Jinping Plan to Hold First Phone Call Within Hours

19:36 - President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping are preparing to speak within hours for the first time since the new administration in Washington took office last month, according to two people familiar with the matter.
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In Geopolitical Struggle Over Myanmar, China Has an Edge

12:24 - As the United States and other nations denounce the coup, China has a chance to build up its influence. But Myanmar’s generals are difficult partners.
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Delgado se reunió con el embajador de China para afinar logística de entrega de vacunas

15:34 - En las próximas horas, se realizará una nueva videoconferencia técnica entre ambos países centrada en estos desafíos para las próximas horas.
Política Bloomberg - Estados Unidos Política Internacional Jenny Leonard

Trump’s Trade Deal With China Is ‘Under Review,’ White House Says

12:55 - The Biden administration has former President Donald Trump’s so-called phase-one trade deal with China “under review” along with the rest of the U.S. posture toward Beijing, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said Friday.
Política Global Times - China Política Internacional Wang Cong

Xi champions multilateralism at Davos, takes aim at US policies

Addressing the World Economic Forum on Monday night, Chinese President Xi Jinping delivered a stern repudiation of bullying tactics, ideological prejudice and hatred as well as economic decoupling and sanctions, which he warned could push the world into division and confrontation, and offered an inclusive multilateral approach that would guide the world out of darkness. Through the speech, China is also sounding the alarm and offering constructive suggestions for future China-US relations, Chinese observers noted.
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