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Canciller de China busca el apoyo de Chile para unirse al tratado comercial TPP-11

El ministro de RR.EE. llamó hoy a su homólogo Andrés Allamand, para "fortalecer la coordinación estratégica en los asuntos multilaterales".
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Economic sanctions on Afghanistan must end, humanitarian aid is of great urgency: Chinese FM Wang Yi

Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Thursday called for immediate humanitarian aid to Afghanistan and said economic sanctions should be lifted among other suggestions to jointly bring peace to the war-torn country.
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Chinese FM Wang Yi urges the US to take an objective attitude toward China's development

Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, urged the US on Tuesday to take an objective attitude toward China's development and seek peaceful co-existence, cooperation and win-win relations.
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Canciller chino conversa por teléfono con secretario de Estado de EEUU

El consejero de Estado y ministro de Relaciones Exteriores de China, Wang Yi, sostuvo hoy domingo una conversación telefónica con el secretario de Estado de Estados Unidos, Antony Blinken, para intercambiar puntos de vista sobre la situación en Afganistán y los lazos chino-estadounidenses.
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Chinese officials and Taliban meet, in sign of warming ties

Meeting in Chinese city of Tianjin comes as US-led foreign forces continue pulling out of Afghanistan.
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China may be having a harder time with Biden than with Trump

On Monday, the United States’ second-most senior diplomat met with Chinese counterparts in the port city of Tianjin.
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An Alliance of Autocracies? China Wants to Lead a New World Order.

As President Biden predicts a struggle between democracies and their opponents, Beijing is eager to champion the other side.
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US-China relations: No ‘unrealistic expectations’ for Alaska meeting

Washington officials say Thursday’s high-level diplomatic sit-down in Anchorage is intended as an initial discussion. Difficult issues will be raised, but don’t expect any specific negotiated deliverables, they warn
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US must scrap tariffs and end restrictions on Chinese tech, Wang Yi says

China’s foreign minister lays out conditions for restoring damaged relations between Beijing and Washington. Wang reiterates the need for high-level dialogue and cooperation on pandemic control, climate change and economic recovery
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E se a China vencer a guerra das vacinas?

A China vem fazendo um grande esforço de exportação de suas vacinas, enquanto os países ricos do Ocidente estão priorizando vacinar as suas populações. Isso permite a Pequim ampliar sua influência no mundo
Política South China Morning Post - China Política Internacional Liu Zhen

Beijing urged not to overreact to Trump administration’s ‘desperate last act’ on Taiwan

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced he would remove constraints on official US engagements with Taiwan. But analysts say it would be better to wait for Joe Biden to come to power amid growing clamour for US President’s impeachment
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China reminds EU to chart its own course as European leaders reach out to Biden

Chinese foreign minister seeks briefing on the bloc’s initiative for a transatlantic alliance with US president-elect. Call to Brussels urges EU to avoid economic decoupling and a new cold war
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European leaders call for unity with US against China

French and German foreign ministers say Brussels and Washington should ‘consult’ to coordinate their approach. President-elect Joe Biden echoed that view, saying US needs to be ‘aligned with other democracies’
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China urges US to stop restrictions on Xinjiang cotton exports

China's Foreign Ministry on Tuesday excoriated the new US restrictions on imports of cotton and apparel produced in Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, painting US allegations of forced labor as fabrication and political manipulation and calling on Washington to stop using Xinjiang affairs to undermine China-US business cooperation.
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Wang Yi kicks off Europe trip

Analysts said the timely tour could be vital for both China and Italy, especially when the US' unilateralist approach has become a major barrier to the global economic recovery, and amid an intensified US crackdown on Chinese technology firms such as Huawei and TikTok.
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China points direction for post-pandemic world

China is pointing out the correct direction - improving and reforming globalization; upholding multilateralism - for the world to create a brighter future after the COVID-19 pandemic, Chinese analysts said after the Chinese foreign minister's press conference on the sidelines of the annual national legislative session on Sunday.
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Coronavirus: China’s top diplomat Wang Yi urges world to resume links with Beijing, says it’s taken ‘forceful action’

Chinese foreign minister agrees to strengthen cooperation with Southeast Asian nations and share timely information on the epidemic. China not only protecting its own people but the rest of the world, he tells emergency meeting with Asean foreign ministers
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China’s Foreign Minister Urges Cooperation With U.S.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi urged the U.S. to “calm down” and step back from confrontation, in a toughly worded speech highlighting simmering disputes between the two largest economies even as they neared a preliminary trade deal.
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Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi ‘confident’ of investment deal with EU as US-China trade was rages on

Top diplomat presses for talks on free-trade accord with Europe as US President Donald Trump’s trade war takes its toll. Wang says ‘big number’ of contracts, ‘between 30 and 40’, will be signed between China and France when Macron visits in November
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Ministro de Exteriores chino insta a EEUU a "evitar otra pelea errónea con el país equivocado"

El consejero de Estado y ministro de Relaciones Exteriores de China, Wang Yi, dijo este martes que es importante para Estados Unidos evitar cazar otra pelea errónea con el país equivocado. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino