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China y los talibanes intensifican su luna de miel

Pekín califica la formación del nuevo Gobierno como un “paso necesario” y anuncia un envío de ayuda de emergencia
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US Senate votes to ban products from China’s Xinjiang over Uyghur abuses

Latest effort in Washington to punish Beijing for what officials say is an ongoing genocide against Uyghurs and other Muslim groups
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UK must match rhetoric with action on China’s treatment of Uyghurs, say MPs

Foreign affairs committee calls for import ban on products from Xinjiang, where it says there is ‘industrial-scale forced labour’
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China comete crímenes de lesa humanidad contra los uigures, según Amnistía internacional

Amnistía Internacional ha presentado un alarmante informe con nuevos detalles sobre la situación de los uigures y otras minorías étnicas de religión musulmana en China. Según la ONG, los habitantes de la región autónoma de Xinjiang son objeto de tortura, persecuciones y encarcelamientos masivos.
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EE.UU. lidera el ataque a China en la ONU por “el genocidio” de Xinjiang

Los países occidentales acusan al gigante asiático de torturas, trabajos forzados y crímenes contra la humanidad cometidos contra los iugures y otras minorías
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G-7 Lists the Many Ways That It’s Deeply Unhappy With China

15:07 - Top diplomats from the Group of Seven nations singled out China in a number of ways that will irritate the government in Beijing, from alleged human-rights abuses to its actions on Taiwan and incursions in cyber space.
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China hits out at British parliament after it declares Xinjiang’s Uygurs are subject to genocide

Embassy in London says a ‘handful of MPs cooked up’ the motion to discredit China and defends Beijing’s policies in the region. Non-binding vote does not change Britain’s official policy, but is likely to increase pressure on Boris Johnson to take a tougher stance
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UK MPs declare China is committing genocide against Uyghurs in Xinjiang

14:34 - Vote does not compel government to act but marks further decline in relations with China
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Japan Calls on China to Improve Conditions for Uyghurs, Hong Kong

15:25 - Unusually strong criticism from Tokyo comes ahead of Japanese prime minister’s trip to Washington
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How Russia and China are attempting to rewrite cyberworld order

21:06 - China’s top diplomat had an interesting rejoinder to Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s call in Anchorage this month to “strengthen the rules-based international order.” Such an order already exists, answered Politburo member Yang Jiechi. It’s called the United Nations.
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China sanciona a personas y entidades de EE. UU. y Canadá en respuesta a críticas sobre uigures

Un millón de musulmanes están recluidos en campos de la región de Xinjiang, según grupos de defensa de los derechos humanos, que acusan al gobierno chino de imponerles trabajos forzados y esterilizar a las mujeres.
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Johnson Wins U.K. Vote on Genocide Rulings After China Sanctions

17:49 - Boris Johnson narrowly defeated a rebellion from members of his Conservative Party pressing for U.K. courts to rule on cases of genocide, a move they hoped would prevent the government from doing trade deals with countries found to be committing the crime.
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La UE aprueba las primeras sanciones contra China desde la crisis de Tiananmén

15:09 - Las medidas se dirigen contra altos cargos por las violaciones de derechos humanos contra la minoría uigur en Xinjiang. EE UU y el Reino Unido se suman a las sanciones contra Pekín
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China sanctions EU officials in response to Uyghur row

Beijing has said it will sanction several EU officials, including parliamentarians, for "harming" China's sovereignty. The decion comes just after the EU agreed to sanction China for human rights abuses in Xinjiang.
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China warns European Union against sanctions over Xinjiang

Chinese envoy to Brussels says bloc should think twice about action that would be seen as confrontation . EU foreign ministers to meet on Monday to consider blacklist in response to treatment of Uygurs and members of other Muslim minorities
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Canada votes to recognize China’s treatment of Uighur population as genocide

18:27 - Parliament’s move was not supported by Trudeau and likely to raise diplomatic tensions between the two nations
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Chinese Embassy Twitter account locked for “dehumanization”

14:44 - Twitter locked the account belonging to the Chinese Embassy in Washington after a tweet stated that Uighur women in Xinjiang have been emancipated and are no longer “baby making machines.”
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La Corte Penal Internacional no investigará por ahora la detención de los uigures en China

Pekín no es miembro de la única instancia que juzga los peores crímenes de la justicia internacional y la fiscalía carece allí de competencia para investigar la detención masiva de esta minoría musulmana
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