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Will Turkey use Syrians to fight in Libya?

27/12 - 17:09 - Turkey under President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has accelerated its use of its military to extend its influence.
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Erdogan announces plan to send troops to Libya

Turkish PM to seek his parliament's support in January following Tripoli-based govt's request for military backing.
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EU urges Libya's warring factions to 'cease all military actions'

The EU has called on forces allied to rival Libyan governments to return to the negotiating table and end the conflict by political means. But the entry of Russia and Turkey into the conflict could complicate the matter.
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Arabia Saudí condena a muerte a cinco personas por asesinato de periodista Yamal Khashoggi en Turquía

La pena máxima fue dictada por el asesinato del periodista Yamal Khashoggi en 2018 en el consulado saudí de Estambul, anunció el fiscal general saudí, Saud al Muagab, quien agregó que hay otros seis condenados.
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Libyan government activates cooperation accord with Turkey

Move allows for possible Turkish troops to help defend Tripoli from attack by forces supported by UAE and Russia
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Turkey, Qatar and Iran gather with Malaysia’s antisemitic leader for forum

The multi-day Malaysia conference appears to underpin a new strategy by Turkey and several countries to form an Islamic alliance that will strategize on several topics.
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Turkey warns of 'escalation' if US ends Cyprus arms embargo

Turkish foreign ministry says US move to supply arms would only hamper 'efforts towards a settlement on the island'.
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Migrant arrivals from Turkey to Europe nearly double in 2019

According to a confidential EU report, 70,000 migrants have crossed from Turkey to the EU this year. The numbers raise questions about whether a EU-Turkey refugee deal is unravelling.
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US seeks clarification on Erdogan's military base closure threat

US defence chief Esper says he needs to understand how serious Turkish president's threats to close Incirlik base are.
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'Political show': Turkey slams US Senate 'Armenia genocide' vote

Turkish foreign minister says the US vote is 'not legally binding and has no validity whatsoever'.
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Irán, Rusia y Turquía adoptan declaración conjunta sobre Siria

Irán, Rusia y Turquía adoptaron hoy una declaración conjunta sobre Siria en la 14ª ronda de conversaciones de Astaná realizada en Nursultán, Kazajistán.
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Erdogan: Turkey, Libya could conduct exploration in Mediterranean

Infuriated Greece announces it launched a complaint with the United Nations over 'bad faith' Turkey-Libya agreement.
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Trump says he is looking at sanctions against Turkey over S-400 missile deal

03/12 - 12:13 - President Donald Trump said on Tuesday he was looking at imposing sanctions on Turkey over its purchase of a Russian missile system, blaming his predecessor for not selling Ankara a U.S. missile system.
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Turkey threatens to block NATO's Baltic defence plan over YPG

President Erdogan calls for unconditional support from the alliance in its fight against the Kurdish-Syrian militia.
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Turkey is a leading NATO member. It’s time this commitment was recognised, not criticised

Turkey continues to exhibit its commitment to NATO in the most meaningful ways a country can. As one of its earliest members, we have the second largest armed forces in the Alliance, and with roughly 1.9% of our GDP going to NATO, we are one of its top contributors and have committed to raising this to the target 2% by 2024.
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Empresarios turcos exploran inversiones a través de Rediex

Esta segunda misión de empresarios turcos es resultado de la visita oficial que había hecho en agosto pasado a Turquía la ministra de Industria y Comercio, Liz Cramer. Subraya que el objetivo es fortalecer el intercambio comercial entre ambos países, a través de la generación de cooperaciones empresariales
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