Tratado de Fuerzas Nucleares de Alcance Intermedio

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U.S. military to test missiles banned under faltering nuclear pact with Russia

The Pentagon is gearing up to test missiles banned by a Cold War-era arms control pact with Russia that is set to end formally this summer after President Trump’s withdrawal over Russian violations.
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NATO chief Stoltenberg bats for expanded INF treaty deal with more members

Jens Stoltenberg has said countries such as China and India could be brought on board to save the key nuclear pact. The INF treaty is headed for a collapse after the US and Russia said they would walk out of the deal.
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Russia to React to US Exit From INF Treaty by Military-Technical Means - Lavrov

When reacting to the US announcement on Washington suspending its obligations under the INF Treaty, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Saturday that Moscow's proposals remain on the table. Moscow issued a "mirror" response to the US move by suspending its own observance of the treaty.
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Trump administration accuses Russia of violating cold war-era pact

The Trump administration is poised to suspend US participation in a cold war-era nuclear arms control treaty in a last-ditch attempt to put pressure on Russia, which it accuses of violating the 1987 pact.
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Qué es el tratado nuclear INF que ayudó a poner fin a la Guerra Fría y por qué el retiro de EE.UU. puede provocar una carrera armamentista

El 7 de diciembre de 1987, el presidente de la Unión Soviética Mijaíl Gorbachov aterrizaba en Washington D.C. para firmar un acuerdo histórico que ayudaría a poner fin a la Guerra Fría. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino