Tim Cullinan

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IFA meets Tánaiste on proposed Mercosur deal

The Mercosur countries have failed to meet the criteria laid down by the European Commission for further access to the European beef market.
Argentina Farmers Journal - Ireland Mercosur Barry Cassidy

IFA presses Tánaiste to reject Mercosur deal

The IFA met with Tánaiste Leo Varadkar on Wednesday to call for a rejection of the EU-Mercosur trade deal.
Argentina Farmers Journal - Ireland Mercosur

Agriculture Commissioner must defend EU beef market against Mercusor

There is a serious contradiction between the EU Commission’s trade policy and their intent to impose further restrictions on EU farmers here.
Argentina Farmers Journal - Ireland Mercosur Amy Forde

Irish farmers need to be protected from low-standard beef imports – IFA

Tim Cullinan has said the beef and poultry sectors, and beef farmers in particular, are being sacriced for large industrial vested interests in the Mercosur dea
Argentina AgriLand - Irlanda Mercosur Charles O'Donnell

Portuguese EU presidency sparks Mercosur concerns for Cullinan

Irish Farmers’ Association (IFA) president Tim Cullinan has told Tánaiste Leo Varadkar that he is concerned over the current presidency of the EU and its attitude to the EU-Mercosur trade agreement.
Argentina Farmers Journal - Ireland Mercosur

Irish and French farm leaders agree to work closely on key farm issues

Led by Christiane Lambert, who is also the President of COPA, and Tim Cullinan, the two teams discussed the latest CAP reform,
Argentina Farmers Journal - Ireland Mercosur Hannah Quinn Mulligan

IFA says beef price cuts ‘not justified’

The organisation has led a delegation to meet with Meat Industry Ireland over recent price cuts.
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