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Pompeo, Taliban announce plan to sign peace deal at the end of the month

The United States plans to sign a peace deal with the Taliban on Feb. 29 as long as a week-long reduction in violence across the country holds, according to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. The Taliban also released a statement confirming the plan to sign a peace deal that day.
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US touts partial ceasefire with Taliban in push for election-year troop reduction

Taliban officials have reportedly offered a seven-day ‘reduction of violence’ but Afghanistan experts question long-term significance.
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Los talibanes proponen a EEUU reducir la violencia en Afganistán

Los talibanes han propuesto una reducción de la violencia en Afganistán, un avance con miras a alcanzar un acuerdo en las negociaciones con Estados Unidos estancadas desde hace varios meses, informó este martes el presidente afgano, Ashraf Ghani.
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Afghanistan's Taliban ruling council ready for ceasefire with US

End to hostilities is a key demand of Washington before any peace deal could be signed
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First round of resurrected US-Taliban peace talks open in Qatar

Renewed negotiations expected to pave the way for direct talks between Taliban and Kabul to end 18 years of war.
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Trump Visits Afghanistan and Says He Reopened Talks With Taliban

Details were unclear. The declaration came on an unannounced trip as the president seeks to highlight a record of achievement while he campaigns for re-election.
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Taliban confirm informal talks with the US

A day after Donald Trump claimed Taliban talks resumed, the Afghan armed group says meetings had taken place in Doha.
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More Afghan civilians killed by government and Nato than Taliban

UN figures for first half of 2019 blame 717 deaths on pro-Kabul forces and 531 on militants
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The point of the Afghanistan ‘peace deal’ is simple: The U.S. wants to get out

There is strong speculation that U.S. and Taliban negotiators are moving closer to a deal. We should have no illusions, however, about this alleged breakthrough: The Trump administration is not negotiating a final peace between the warring factions but a U.S. exit from Afghanistan
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Un ataque talibán causa más de 100 muertos en una base militar afgana

Los insurgentes han asumido la autoría del ataque, perpetrado a solo 50 kilómetros de Kabul
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