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Biden Backs Taiwan, but Some Call for a Clearer Warning to China

As China grows stronger and bolder, some experts want to end Washington’s decades-long policy of “strategic ambiguity.”
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Vacunas a cambio de incluir a Huawei y excluir a Taiwán

01:00 - “China lleva meses aplicando la diplomacia de las vacunas y Latinoamérica es uno de los tableros donde más movimientos tácticos parece estar realizando, como Rusia ha escogido especialmente Europa para socavar la credibilidad de AstraZeneca y colocar su Sputnik V”, señala un análisis publicado ayer por el diario ABC de Madrid, España
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Taiwan reports largest incursion yet by Chinese military aircraft

13:51 - Defence ministry says 20 aircraft entered its air defence identification zone
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China threat to invade Taiwan is 'closer than most think', says US admiral

14:27 - China considers recovering control of Taiwan its ‘No 1 priority’, Adm John Aquilino is nominated to head Indo-Pacific Command.
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Paraguay y Taiwán acuerdan cooperación técnica en normalización y metrología

El propósito apunta a fortalecer las relaciones económicas, comerciales y resaltar la amistad entre Taiwán y Paraguay. Así también, profundizar el intercambio entre ambas instituciones.
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Senado aprueba entablar negociaciones “con todos los países” para gestionar compra de vacunas

19:45 - El proyecto de resolución original presentado por la bancada del partido Frente Guasu, que insta al Poder Ejecutivo a entablar negociaciones directas con la República Popular China para adquirir sin intermediarios privados las vacunas, medicamentos, insumos, equipamientos y asistencia sanitaria a fin de enfrentar la pandemia del COVID-19, fue aprobado, pero con importantes modificaciones.
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China could invade Taiwan in next six years, top US admiral warns

21:24 - Asia Pacific commander Philip Davidson says Beijing wants to take Washington’s world leadership role by 2050
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Clarity for Beijing and Taipei as Biden team says US will stay with one-China policy

Just days after new president was inaugurated, the US expressed support for Taiwan without mentioning ‘one China’ but new announcement confirms position. As Taiwan establishes office in Guyana, US de facto embassy in Taipei says all countries should be free to pursue closer ties with self-ruled island
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Beijing lays down a marker in South China Sea

PLA’s simulated attack on US carrier underscores determination to challenge American dominance
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Pentagon spokesman dismisses China’s warning on Taiwan as ‘unfortunate’

The US Defence Department under the Biden administration ‘sees no reason why tensions over Taiwan need to lead to anything like confrontation’, spokesman says. Comment is a response to China’s defence ministry saying that ‘Taiwan independence means war’
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‘Taiwan independence’ means war not empty threat: Global Times editorial

Wu Qian, spokesperson of China’s Ministry of National Defense, sternly warned on Thursday that “Taiwan independence” means war. Both the island of Taiwan and the US responded to his remarks. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said on Thursday that the Pentagon “sees no reason why tensions over Taiwan need to lead to anything like confrontation.” He reaffirmed the US’ “obligations under the Taiwan Relations Act” and the US military “remains ready in all respects to meet our security commitments in the region.”
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Pekín advierte a Biden: "Contener a China es una misión imposible"

"Los hechos han demostrado" que intentarlo "equivale a dispararse en el pie", dijo el ministerio chino de Defensa. China también endureció su lenguaje hacia Taiwán: la independencia de la isla "significa guerra".
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U.S. Unveils Plan to Counter China’s Rise From India to Taiwan

The Trump administration declassified its strategy to ensure continued dominance over China, which focuses on accelerating India’s rise as a counterweight to Beijing and the ability to defend Taiwan against an attack.
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Beijing urged not to overreact to Trump administration’s ‘desperate last act’ on Taiwan

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced he would remove constraints on official US engagements with Taiwan. But analysts say it would be better to wait for Joe Biden to come to power amid growing clamour for US President’s impeachment
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China-Taiwan Tensions Rise as Trump Scraps Decades-Old Rules

China’s state-run media called for retaliation after the Trump administration removed decades-old restrictions on interactions with Taiwan officials just days before President-elect Joe Biden takes office, one of its biggest moves yet to reshape U.S. ties with the Asian democracy.
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‘Playing with fire’: China warns US over envoy’s Taiwan mission‘Playing with fire’: China warns US over envoy’s Taiwan mission

Kelly Craft is the third senior US official to visit the self-ruled island this year, each one drawing protests from Beijing. ‘The US will pay a heavy price’, China declares while also cautioning that the visit will harm relations between the countrie
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Taiwan and US set for sensitive dialogue – and reveal the timing in advance

US State Department takes rare step of revealing schedule of closed-door talks before they take place. Clarke Cooper, assistant secretary of state for political-military affairs, will represent Washington in online dialogue, on Wednesday US time
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The Taiwan ‘prize’ and the US-China rivalry in the Pacific

China-Taiwan fistfight in Fiji raises concerns that broader US-China rivalry could destabilise the Pacific.
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