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Chinese military condemns US and Canada over warships in Taiwan Strait

Countries ‘colluded to provoke and stir up trouble’ in region that China claims as its territory
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Taiwan won’t start a war with China, defence minister says amid tensions

Taiwan will not start a war with China but will defend itself “full on”, Defence Minister Chiu Kuo-cheng said on Thursday (14 October), amid a spike in tensions across the Taiwan Strait that has raised concern internationally.
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In U.S.-China clash, Taiwan takes center stage

Taiwan is awake to the danger — and, so too, it seems, is the United States. Reporting this past week from the Wall Street Journal pointed to the presence of a small deployment of U.S. troops in Taiwan, serving in a training capacity.
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U.S. Troops Have Been Deployed in Taiwan for at Least a Year

10:40 - Small presence of Americans secretly training local forces marks concern over China’s yearslong military buildup and recent moves
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Chinese jets menace Taiwan, pressuring U.S. support of island’s defenses

Record numbers of Chinese air force fighter jets and bombers conducting drills near Taiwan in recent days have escalated fears that Beijing is willing to use military brinkmanship to express displeasure with U.S. support of Taiwan, the self-governed island it claims as its own.
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Taiwán denuncia incursión récord de 56 aviones chinos

La Fuerza Aérea taiwanesa emitió advertencias y movilizó unidades hasta que las aeronaves abandonaron la ADIZ.
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Simulacros de guerra sobre Taiwan: 145 aviones de combate chinos en cuatro días

Nunca antes China había demostrado su fuerza con tantas incursiones. Al ministro de Exteriores de Taiwan le preocupa que Pekín vaya a empezar "una guerra"
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China flies 56 aircraft near Taiwan in latest record incursion

15:00 - Taiwan foreign minister says the country ‘very concerned’ China will launch a war against the island at some point.
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EE.UU. urge a China cesar "provocadoras incursiones" cerca de Taiwán

Según el Ministerio de Defensa taiwanés, 19 aviones de combate chinos entraron la noche del sábado en su Zona de Identificación de Defensa Aérea (ADIZ).
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China Steps Up Taiwan Flybys as 38 Warplanes Enter Defense Zone

14:58 - Chinese warplanes made multiple incursions close to Taiwan Friday in the second major display of military might in two weeks.
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Taiwan Joining WTO Is Not a Precedent for CPTPP, China Says

China indicated that Taiwan’s path to joining a regional trade deal is going to be difficult, with a government spokeswoman saying that the fact that it could join the World Trade Organization shouldn’t be seen as a precedent.
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Japón da la bienvenida a la adhesión de Taiwán al acuerdo transpacífico

Japón considera a Taiwán "un socio muy importante" con el que comparte "valores fundamentales como la libertad, la democracia, los derechos humanos básicos y el imperio de la ley", dijo el gobierno japonés.
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Taiwan receives its first batch of Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines after a monthslong delay.

19:16 - The first batch of Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines arrived in Taiwan on Thursday morning, health officials said. The delivery of the 930,000 doses came after a monthslong struggle to acquire BioNTech’s vaccines on the island.
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White House backtracks after Biden appears to say US would defend Taiwan against China

Administration official plays down president’s comment comparing Taiwan commitments to those in Nato, saying US policy has not shifted
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Taiwán, "lista para responder" a maniobras militares chinas al sur de la isla

El portavoz del Ministerio de Defensa de Taiwán, Shi Shunwen, aseveró hoy que las fuerzas armadas taiwanesas están listas para "responder en consecuencia" a las maniobras militares en el sur de la isla anunciadas por Pekín.
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China vows to hit back at US$750 million US arms sale to Taiwan

Beijing says the sale sends the wrong signal to Taiwanese independence forces. Taipei says the weapons will help it maintain rock-solid self-defence and regional peace and stability
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Taiwan Angers China With First Europe Office Using Its Name

Taiwan will set up its first office in Europe using the name “Taiwan,” drawing a rebuke from China and praise from the U.S. as the island democracy seeks to strengthen its diplomatic presence around the globe in the face of pressure from Beijing.
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Joseph Wu, ministro de Exteriores de Taiwan: "La posibilidad de guerra con China es real"

Al frente de la diplomacia de la isla desde 2018, está señalado por Pekín como un "separatista acérrimo"
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