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Soyabeans avoid longest losing streak this year

A slim gain for soyabean futures has helped them avoid their longest losing streak this year, but the crop is still struggling against the broader backdrop about waning demand from China.
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¿Cómo se vende la soja en el mayor mercado de Argentina?

La Bolsa de Comercio de Rosario es la única plaza de granos en la que aún se negocia a viva voz
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China, más protagonista que nunca en la compra de alimentos

Se pelea con Estados Unidos y acentúa año tras año su demanda por distintos productos uruguayos
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Argentina buys most U.S. soy in 20 years after drought cuts crop

Argentina, the world’s third biggest soy producer, booked its largest purchase of U.S. soybeans in 20 years on Tuesday after drought cut its harvest, forcing crushers there to turn to imports.
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They voted for Donald Trump. Now soybean farmers could get slammed by the trade war he started.

Bret Davis voted for Donald Trump in 2016, as did many of his fellow farmers in central Ohio. But as a brewing Chinese trade war begins to threaten U.S. exports, Davis fears his fifth-generation farm will suffer.
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Tarifa da China contra EUA pode abrir espaço para a soja brasileira no país, dizem especialistas

Avaliação é que o benefício seria pontual frente aos efeitos negativos da guerra comercial; China é principal destino de exportações brasileiras de soja e Brasil é maior vendedor para o país asiático.
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Precios de la soya y maíz, afectados por planes arancelarios de China

04/04/18 - 19:12 - El maíz para mayo bajó 7.5 centavos a 3.81 centavos por bushel, por encima de un mínimo anterior de 3.72 dólares
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Argentina modifies soybean export tax timing in boost to shippers

Argentina will apply export taxes on soybeans and soy products on the shipment date, rather than the date a deal closes, the Agricultural Ministry said in a decree published in the country’s official gazette on Tuesday.
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Argentine soy crush workers to start wage strike late Tuesday

The labor union representing employees of Argentina’s soy crushing plants said it will begin an open-ended wage strike on Tuesday night as negotiations over salaries are complicated by fast-rising consumer prices in the grains producing country
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La soia distrugge il Sud America

Mettendo a rischio popolazioni locali ed ecosistemi
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Mais mercado para grãos brasileiros

À medida que a quebra da safra de grãos da Argentina se torna mais palpável, melhoram as perspectivas para as exportações brasileiras de soja e de milho.
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Hope for Argentine soy recovery dashed by scant weekend rains

Rains expected to relieve Argentina's drought-hit soy and corn crops failed to materialize over the weekend, all but ending hope that yields might recover from four months of unrelenting sun with more heat and dryness expected over the days ahead.
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Unrelenting Drought Means More Suffering for Argentine Soy

21/03/18 - 17:08 - Crop is at risk of falling to lowest since at least 2009. Late-planted sowings are now in their critical growth phase.
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China may have just signaled the US product it will retaliate against

U.S. subsidies for its soybean farmers have given them an unfair competitive advantage in selling to China, the Global Times claimed Wednesday. "Strong restrictive measures need to be taken against the massive subsidies and dumping of soybeans by some countries on China," it said.
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Argentine drought-hit soy crop seen collapsing to 40 mln tonnes

15/03/2018 22:22 - Argentina’s Rosario Grains Exchange slashed 14 percent off its forecast for the country’s soy crop on Thursday, saying a drought now in its fourth month would limit the harvest to 40 million tonnes versus its previous estimate of 46.5 million.
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U.S. corn sales break records, but will demand stay healthy?

U.S. corn merchants have sold in excess of 650 million bushels since early January, shockingly more than usual for any time of year, and the demand prospects continue to look good as of mid-March with the U.S. product plentiful and attractively priced.
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Argentine soy scorched beyond return, season 'dead': experts

12/03/2018 16:32 - Hope has withered for any recovery in Argentine soy yields hit by a four-month drought that shows no signs of abating, farmers and analysts said on Monday, prompting China to step in to fill the gap in soymeal exports from the world’s No. 1 supplier.
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Un repunte transitorio de las exportaciones

2017 tuvo el alza de la soja, pero menor cosecha de este año puede restar US$ 200 millones.
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Soja Argentina: bajan estimaciones a 42 millones de toneladas

La Bolsa de Cereales de Buenos Aires recortó la cosecha en un millón de toneladas.
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As drought bakes Argentina soy and corn, wheat outlook improves

BUENOS AIRES (Reuters) - Rains expected from late March in Argentina should enable farmers to start planting the 2018/19 wheat crop in normal conditions, though the moisture will arrive too late to benefit the parched soy and corn crops. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino