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Drought-hit Argentina faces water worries amid coronavirus pandemic

13:13 - At Iguazu Falls, a World Heritage site and one of South America’s tourist highlights, crowds normally gather in the drifting spray of 275 spectacular waterfalls, spread in an arc around them on the border between Argentina and Brazil.
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In Argentina's Pampas, Rain Clouds Spell Hope for Arid Soils

Gastón Blanchard, a farmer in Argentina's Pampas grains belt, has his eyes on the horizon waiting for rain. Clouds are starting to build, which he hopes will bring much-needed showers for his wheat crop, parched by months of dry weather.
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La sequía puede impactar en la actividad económica de este año

Este año, la sequía podría impactar negativamente en la economía, señalan las estimaciones.
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Argentina: la siccità si abbatte sui raccolti di Mais e Soia

La grave siccità abbattutasi sull’Argentina proprio durante la stagione di crescita è stata seguita da piogge nel periodo di raccolta che hanno ulteriormente compromesso i raccolti locali di Mais e Soia inducendo, tra l’altro, un brusco calo della qualità degli stessi: questo, tutto sommato, lo sapevamo già, ma ora alcune realtà locali come il Rosario Grains Exchange ci propongono un contesto complessivo in peggioramento con ulteriori downgrade alle proiezioni sui raccolti.
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Grain Giants Expect Higher Profits From Bad Weather

Grain-trading firms are making more money again after struggling for years against a global oversupply of crops.
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Argentine drought hits farmers hard, undermining economy

Jorge Josifovich is silent and downcast as he walks under the pounding sun in one of Argentina's most fertile agricultural regions, staring at soy crops parched by the country's worst drought in years.
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Hope for Argentine soy recovery dashed by scant weekend rains

Rains expected to relieve Argentina's drought-hit soy and corn crops failed to materialize over the weekend, all but ending hope that yields might recover from four months of unrelenting sun with more heat and dryness expected over the days ahead.
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Soja Argentina: bajan estimaciones a 42 millones de toneladas

La Bolsa de Cereales de Buenos Aires recortó la cosecha en un millón de toneladas.
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As drought bakes Argentina soy and corn, wheat outlook improves

BUENOS AIRES (Reuters) - Rains expected from late March in Argentina should enable farmers to start planting the 2018/19 wheat crop in normal conditions, though the moisture will arrive too late to benefit the parched soy and corn crops.
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ESPECIAL: Sequía en Argentina reduce perspectivas en producción de soya

La sequía en campos de Argentina ha reducido en menos de 15 días las estimaciones de producción de soya, que hoy domingo amanecieron en 44 millones de toneladas para el ciclo 2017-2018. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino