Robert Lighthizer

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Trade Chief Lighthizer Urges Biden to Keep Tariffs on China

The lawyer who engineered the Trump administration’s trade war with Beijing says tariffs get results
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We're proud of what we've done, says Trump's trade chief

"Trade wars are good, and easy to win" - the mantra of President Trump, the self-styled "Mr Tariff Man", was inspired by his long-serving trade representative Robert Lighthizer. He rarely talks to the media, but mindful of the legacy of four years of ripping up the international trade system, he told the BBC he had fundamentally reoriented the trade system towards working Americans, and that President Trump's successor would not now change this sceptical stance to slow down and reverse globalisation.
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La carrera para elegir a líder de la OMC se topa con un nuevo obstáculo: los bloqueos por el COVID-19

11:41 - Las autoridades de Ginebra anunciaron nuevas y estrictas medidas en medio de un aumento de infecciones y hospitalizaciones en Suiza. El hecho podría alterar aún más la capacidad de la OMC de confirmar a Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala de Nigeria como la primera africana y la primera mujer en dirigir la organización en sus 25 años de historia.
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Is the US-Brazil mini deal worth it?

Trump has probably made it much harder for the two countries to get a full trade agreement
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EUA pedem que Brasil 'mantenha olhar crítico' sobre papel da China na economia

20/10 - 17:02 - Representante comercial americano, Robert Lighthizer, diz que o fato de os chineses serem os maiores parceiros do país preocupa
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Trump attacks WTO after it says US tariffs on China broke global trade rules

President says he has to ‘do something’ about the body after it rules that duties on $200bn worth of Chinese goods breached regulations
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´Não há plano de livre comércio´, diz representante dos EUA

O representante comercial americano, Robert Lighthizer, afirmou ontem que os Estados Unidos não pretendem negociar um acordo de livre comércio com o Brasil neste momento.
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Representante comercial dos EUA diz que não há negociação de acordo de livre comércio com o Brasil

20:43 - Em audiência com parlamentares americanos, Robert Lighthizer afirmou que no momento as conversas têm como fim abrir o mercado brasileiro
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Trump Administration to Push for ‘Reset’ of Global Tariffs

Planned remarks to Congress by the administration’s top trade adviser on Wednesday appear to portend a continued fight with the World Trade Organization.
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Trump takes step that could expand his trade war, targeting the way other countries treat U.S. tech firms

The Trump administration said Tuesday it was investigating digital services taxes being enforced or considered by several U.S. trading partners including the European Union, India and Brazil, opening the door to the first new tariffs since the economy tumbled into a deep recession.
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China, U.S. stand by trade deal as coronavirus pushes relations to worst in decades

U.S. and Chinese economic officials struck a conciliatory tone during a call on Friday as they discussed the prospects of China fulfilling a Phase 1 trade deal that President Trump has threatened to scrap in the coming days as bilateral relations fray.
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Clamor grows for Trump to cut China tariffs in coronavirus response

As President Donald Trump scrambles for new ways to cushion the economic blow from the fast spreading coronavirus, industry groups, lawmakers and even some government officials are reviving a previous request: cut tariffs on Chinese and other imported goods. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino