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With us or US? Barnier challenges May on the kind of society UK wants

14:00 - Michel Barnier says Britain’s answer is important because it will direct discussions on a future relationship with the EU
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How Britain did Gaddafi’s dirty work

Secret papers show how far MI6 went to please Libya’s ruthless intelligence agents – including helping to kidnap the dictator’s enemies. By Ian Cobain
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EU cuts UK growth forecasts due to Brexit uncertainty

It is now projecting growth for Britain of 1.5 per cent this year, down from 1.8 previously, and just 1.3 per cent in 2018 and 1.1 per cent in 2019
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Light aircraft and Land Rovers — a poles apart election in the Falklands mike summers

Commitment to democracy is deep seated in the Falkland Islands. The experience of invasion, occupation and liberation in 1982 makes us all acutely aware of the importance of freedom and self-determination, and continues to inspire generations both old and new to value the right to choose our Government.
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Sex scandals are speeding May to an early exit

With crises mounting and a PM who has used up all of her political lives, Tory thoughts are turning to Amber Rudd
Política El País - España Política Internacional Pablo Guimón

Los partidos británicos se unen para atajar el escándalo de abusos sexuales

May y los otros responsables de partidos acuerdan un sistema para tramitar denuncias de trabajadores del Parlamento mientras diputados del Gobierno y oposición son investigados
Política The Guardian - Reino Unido Política Internacional Patrick Wintour

May lauds UK role in creation of Israel at Balfour centenary dinner

PM reiterates commitment to two-state solution at event commemorating letter pledging British backing for a Jewish nation in Palestine
Economía The Independent - Reino Unido Economía Internacional Josie Cox

Bank of England issues fresh warning about Brexit's impact on UK economy

02/11 - ‘The decision to leave the European Union is having a noticeable impact on the economic outlook,’ the Bank says
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"Malvinas es un campo de entrenamiento ideal para el aparato armamentístico mundial"

Sputnik dialogó con el veterano e integrante del Centro de ExCombatientes de Islas Malvinas (CECIM) Ernesto Alonso por los movimientos militares que realiza Gran Bretaña en el archipiélago del Atlántico Sur.
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The hard left makes a mission of misogyny

Labour is quick to condemn Tory sleaze but the party’s female MPs find the worst abuse comes from their own side ‘How do I love thee? Let me count the ways,” wrote Elizabeth Barrett Browning. In a horrible perversion of her sonnet, it’s hard to keep track of the number of methods male politicians have found to disrespect women. There are spreadsheets and WhatsApp groups dedicated to detailing sexual misconduct at Westminster but even they are struggling to keep up with the allegations of harassment and intimidation.
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Bank of England believes Brexit could cost 75,000 finance jobs

The Bank of England believes that up to 75,000 jobs could be lost in financial services following Britain's departure from the European Union.
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Falklands invasion veteran backs medal petition

27/10 - A man who faced thousands of Argentine troops as they invaded the Falklands is backing a campaign for his unit to be recognised for its service.
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Argentina presenta una queja formal por ejercicios militares británicos en Malvinas

La Cancillería argentina tomó conocimiento de que, entre el 30 de octubre y el 3 de noviembre de este año, se realizarán ejercicios militares en el archipiélago del Atlántico Sur.
Cancillería El Diario - España Malvinas

Argentina protesta ante el Reino Unido por las maniobras militares en las Malvinas

Argentina ha enviado un escrito a la embajada británica en el país con una "protesta formal" por la realización por parte del Reino Unido de ejercicios militares en el área de las islas Malvinas, cuya soberanía ostenta Londres, pero que Buenos Aires reclama desde 1833, informaron hoy fuentes oficiales.
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Nuclear Option

Britain’s military strength requires Trident to be renewed, but the cost must not come solely from the Ministry of Defence’s coffers
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Corbyn’s comrades and the Russian revolution

The centenary of the October revolution is a good time to reflect on Labour’s leadership
Política The Daily Telegraph - Reino Unido Política Internacional Ben Farmer

Naval officials in Chile and Brazil are reported to be lining up to buy two Royal Navy amphibious landing platform ships

Britain will lose its ability to carry out major amphibious operations under cost-cutting plans being considered to sell off warships, MPs and military leaders have warned.
Argentina The Times - Reino Unido Malvinas Richard Benyon

Britain can take a leadership role in ocean conservation

This Sunday jaws will drop in amazement as previously unseen goings-on in the ocean are revealed by the first episode of the BBC’s Blue Planet II. Dolphins will jump through the crest of vertiginous waves, giant trevallies will leap into the air and catch birds. Sir David Attenborough will warn that the ocean is under threat from climate change, acidification, plastics and overfishing.
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The Brexit economy: the storm clouds are gathering

Guardian analysis of key economic figures paints a picture of deepening gloom, with rising inflation denting consumer spending and investment es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino