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Reino Unido reserva 3.300 millones de euros adicionales para preparar el "brexit"

El ministro británico de Economía, Philip Hammond, dijo hoy que su Gobierno reservará 3.000 millones de libras (3.300 millones de euros) en los próximos dos años como parte de las preparaciones para el "brexit", que se suman a otros 700 millones (788 millones de euros) ya invertidos.
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Search for missing Argentine sub San Juan stepped up after signals

British and US forces have stepped up their rescue effort to help Argentina locate a military submarine missing in the southern Atlantic for five days.
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BRIT RESCUE BID Crack Royal Navy squad sent in to save missing Argentina submarine crew from beneath the waves

The elite Submarine Parachute Assistance Group is scouring near the Falklands to on ice patrol ship HMS Protector to hunt for the missing crew
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British politics is being profoundly reshaped by populism

BRITAIN should have been better placed than any other country to fight off the populist fever that is spreading around the world. The House of Commons is one of the oldest representative institutions on Earth.
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Brexit: UK economy has gone from top of G7 leaderboard to almost bottom, says Mark Carney

'We have not done as well in the short term as we would have done if the vote had gone the other way,' Mr Carney said on Thursday
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Brexit: International workers are rejecting London tech firms

Two-thirds of tech entrepreneurs believe Brexit has already damaged London's reputation as a leading startup centre
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ECB criticises banks' relocation plans after Brexit

Central bank warns against setting up ‘empty shell’ operations in euro area without adequate staff
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Bloomberg says London will remain Europe's financial capital

Michael Bloomberg, the businessman and former New York mayor, said London will remain a global financial capital after Brexit.
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Brexit and the Budget: Hammond pressed to go ‘big and bold’

The British government’s fragility, including its Brexit divisions and a slowing economy, is coming into sharp focus as the chancellor’s speech approaches
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Theresa May to meet EU business leaders

European business leaders will meet Prime Minister Theresa May later on Monday to voice concerns about the future of UK-EU trade.
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Boris Johnson hails Donald Trump as 'great huge global brand

UK foreign secretary says US president has ‘penetrated corners of the global consciousness’ more than his predecessors
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Theresa May, weak and stable prime minister

The multiple crises engulfing the government make her departure less, not more, likely
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With us or US? Barnier challenges May on the kind of society UK wants

14:00 - Michel Barnier says Britain’s answer is important because it will direct discussions on a future relationship with the EU
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How Britain did Gaddafi’s dirty work

Secret papers show how far MI6 went to please Libya’s ruthless intelligence agents – including helping to kidnap the dictator’s enemies. By Ian Cobain
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EU cuts UK growth forecasts due to Brexit uncertainty

It is now projecting growth for Britain of 1.5 per cent this year, down from 1.8 previously, and just 1.3 per cent in 2018 and 1.1 per cent in 2019
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Light aircraft and Land Rovers — a poles apart election in the Falklands mike summers

Commitment to democracy is deep seated in the Falkland Islands. The experience of invasion, occupation and liberation in 1982 makes us all acutely aware of the importance of freedom and self-determination, and continues to inspire generations both old and new to value the right to choose our Government. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino