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Dominic Raab to lead UK through coronavirus hurdles

Foreign secretary to chair Cobra and cabinet meetings while prime minister is absent.
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Coronavirus: Boris Johnson en soins intensifs, plus de 10.000 morts aux Etats-Unis

Boris Johnson a été admis lundi en soins intensifs, nouveau développement dramatique d'une pandémie dont le bilan est reparti à la hausse dans certains pays européens et a franchi la barre des 10.000 morts aux Etats-Unis.
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Coronavirus: Boris Johnson moved to intensive care

16:38 - Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been moved to intensive care in hospital after his coronavirus symptoms "worsened", Downing Street has said.
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Keir Starmer releva a Jeremy Corbyn al frente del Partido Laborista

Keir Starmer, 57 años, ex director de la fiscalía británica y alineado en la "izquierda suave", ha sido elegido como sucesor de Jeremy Corbyn al frente del Partido Laborista. Al cabo de cinco años de "izquierda dura", y en medio de la crisis del coronavirus, Starmer se dispone a dar un giro hacia el centro y a reconciliar a las distintas facciones del partido.
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UK PM Johnson stays in isolation as Queen prepares to address the nation

16:05 - British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Friday he was remaining in isolation with mild symptoms of COVID-19, including a raised temperature, seven days after he first tested positive for the new coronavirus which causes the respiratory disease.
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Trump, Macron weigh U.N. leaders' meeting on coronavirus: White House

14:27 - U.S. President Donald Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron on Friday discussed convening the five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council to discuss increasing United Nations cooperation on fighting the coronavirus, the White House said.
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La Isla de Pascua y las Islas Malvinas, rincones remotos del planeta en guardia ante el coronavirus

En la Isla de Pascua, con dos casos confirmados, sus habitantes dependen casi totalmente del turismo, hoy inexistente. Los políticos creen que en un mes sectores importantes de la población estarán pidiendo comida en las calles.
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Here is how we can recover from coronavirus without resorting to economic austerity

A post Brexit UK needs to emerge from this economically strong ,which will require some brave decisions on the part of government. We must ensure that the medicine is not worse than the disease, while people’s attention is now primarily on health and survival, it will very soon turn to jobs and wealth (or poverty).
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UK announces £75m airlift plan to rescue Britons stranded abroad

30/03 - 15:57 - The government has announced a £75m airlift operation to rescue hundreds of thousands of British nationals stranded abroad because of the coronavirus pandemic.
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Britain faces economic emergency, warns new Bank of England governor

Andrew Bailey tells those making money by short selling stocks during Covid-19 turmoil to ‘just stop’
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Chancellor Rishi Sunak announces £330bn financial package

17:41 - £330bn seems a lot of money - so what does it mean, and how much time does it buy? Significant new emergency funds are heading towards Scottish business, via Holyrood. The support is for business, and particularly helpful for small and medium sized ones. Will it stop big manufacturers, and what will it do for the most insecure and low paid workers? That's yet to become clear.
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Trump says UK may be included in travel ban as WHO calls Europe 'centre of pandemic'

16:12 - Trump is asked why the UK was exempted from the travel ban list. He says that was the expert advice and, looking at the increase in the number of cases in the UK, the country may be added to the list soon, while other countries might be taken off it.
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Coronavirus: as many as 10,000 in Britain may already have it, says PM

12/03 - 18:04 - Chief medical officer adds that 80% of UK could contract virus, with half a million people dying
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Jeff Glekin: “El Gobierno anterior no estaba a favor de la inversión extranjera”

Entrevista. El diplomático representa al Reino Unido en Bolivia y considera que hay oportunidades comerciales que deben ser atendidas, desde el flujo comercial de alimentos hasta la industria naciente del litio
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Las Islas Malvinas regresan a escena

Tras el aterrizaje de aviones militares británicos en Uruguay, Argentina revela la existencia de un lobby en Montevideo. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino