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Rusia y Argentina, entre los países candidatos a construir un reactor nuclear en Irak

Irak está considerando a cinco países, entre ellos Rusia y Argentina, para construir un reactor nuclear en su territorio, anunció el jefe de la Autoridad Reguladora de Fuentes Radiactivas, Kamal Latif.
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Saudi nuclear reactor raises fears of new arms race

Saudi Arabia has almost completed its first nuclear reactor despite not having secured UN agreements to install nuclear fuel, raising fears of a new Middle Eastern arms race.
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Saudi Arabia to build first nuclear research reactor

The world's top crude exporter harbours plans to build 16 nuclear reactors over the next two decades for $80 billion.
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Reuters: Argentina to start building two new nuclear reactors in 2018

* China to provide 85 pct of financing * Argentina working on its own SMR model
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Enter the Nimble Dragon: China Looks to Small Reactors for Nuclear Edge

China is betting on new, small-scale nuclear reactor designs that could be used in isolated regions, on ships and even aircraft as part of an ambitious plan to wrest control of the global nuclear market. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino