Philip Hammond

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Ya no es relevante hablar de Brexit duro o blando. El juego ha acabado

El exministro, referencia para los conservadores moderados del Reino Unido, opina que hay que “pasar página" tras la victoria de Johnson.
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MPs reject Boris Johnson's attempt to fast-track Brexit deal

22/10 - 16:28 - PM fails to restrict scrutiny of bill to just three days in effort to meet 31 October deadline
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Philip Hammond asegura que los opositores a un Brexit duro tienen los números para bloquearlo

El ex canciller británico ha asegurado que si tiene éxito el proyecto de ley para bloquear una salida sin acuerdo, se presentará el miércoles en la Cámara de los Comunes
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Hammond warns Johnson and Hunt over spending promises

The chancellor cast doubt over Boris Johnson’s and Jeremy Hunt’s plans in a tweet that said a no-deal scenario would blow a hole in the public finances, erasing the next prime minister’s spending firepower. Both candidates have said they are willing to leave without a deal. Chancellor says no-deal Brexit would drain £26bn that rivals claim could be a ‘war chest’.
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Philip Hammond slaps down Defence Secretary in Tory Cabinet spat over China

Philip Hammond was forced to scrap a trip to China after gaffe-prone Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson revealed a plan to deploy HMS Queen Elizabeth to the volatile region
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Philip Hammond tells business no-deal Brexit will be stopped

The chancellor also told executives that article 50 could be rescinded during leaked call
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Chancellor says UK will be worse off under all Brexit scenarios

As vote on Brexit deal looms, Philip Hammond says there is no version of leaving the EU that will increase prosperity
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Philip Hammond's claim of economic 'bounce' backed by IMF

Chequers-style deal would lift UK growth rate beyond 1.5% it expects for 2019, says fund
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Philip Hammond to commit to spending, even if no Brexit deal

Budget will confirm all funding pledges, including boost for NHS, says Downing Street
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This government does not practise what it preaches on fossil fuels

Last March, UK Export Finance (UKEF) — a government body that promotes exports abroad — offered up to £1 billion of support to help companies secure business in Argentina.
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Britain to pay £40bn Brexit bill even if EU trade talks fail, says Philip Hammond

The chancellor has told the Treasury select committee that Britain should honour its obligations regardless of the progress of Brexit negotiations
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Reino Unido reserva 3.300 millones de euros adicionales para preparar el "brexit"

El ministro británico de Economía, Philip Hammond, dijo hoy que su Gobierno reservará 3.000 millones de libras (3.300 millones de euros) en los próximos dos años como parte de las preparaciones para el "brexit", que se suman a otros 700 millones (788 millones de euros) ya invertidos.
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Brexit and the Budget: Hammond pressed to go ‘big and bold’

The British government’s fragility, including its Brexit divisions and a slowing economy, is coming into sharp focus as the chancellor’s speech approaches es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino