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Kushner: It will take ‘couple of months’ to prepare maps ahead of any annexation

07/02 - 13:57 - Trump envoy says joint Israeli-US commission to finalize ‘conceptual’ proposal, ensure ‘contiguous territory’ for Palestinian state, urges Palestinians to join talks
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After Abbas says cutting Israel relations, official states security ties intact

Palestinian official adds, however, that ‘there will be major consequences’ if Israel annexes parts of the West Bank; adds that relations between two sides are ‘extremely tense’.
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Organisation of Islamic Cooperation rejects Trump peace plan

Meeting at request of Palestinian leadership comes after Arab League rejects US president's proposal.
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Itamaraty elogia plano de Trump para o Oriente Médio: ‘Contempla aspirações de palestinos e de israelenses’

29/01 - 17:19 - Governo brasileiro exalta plano que recebeu críticas por ser fortemente pró-Israel; embaixador palestino pede audiência sobre o assunto
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Trump's Mideast plan: What's in it?

29/01 - 16:57 - U.S. President Donald Trump has proposed a “two-state” solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict but with strict conditions that Palestinians have rejected out of hand.
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Abbas to Netanyahu: We are free to end security coordination at any time

The PA president a handwritten letter, in which he proposed the possibility of canceling the security coordination efforts with Israel after the release of the 'Deal of the Century.
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Germany, Europe react to Trump's Middle East peace plan

Following Trump's release of his Israeli-Palestinian plan, world leaders have responded to his proposal of a two-state solution with Israeli settlements. The plan calls for a minimum four-year freeze in settlements.
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Jerusalén será "la única capital": Trump revela 'el acuerdo del siglo' para Israel y Palestina

28/01 - 13:26 - Jerusalén será la capital de Israel bajo el plan de paz de Estados Unidos para Oriente Medio, dijo el presidente de EEUU, Donald Trump, durante una conferencia de prensa. La iniciativa prevé además que el 30% de los territorios palestinos de Cisjordania pasen l estado hebreo.
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Arabia Saudí y Emiratos Árabes respaldan los “esfuerzos” de Trump por la paz

Aunque no llegan a endosar el plan del presidente estadounidense, piden a los palestinos que no desaprovechen la oportunidad
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Palestina rechaza el 'acuerdo del siglo' anunciado por Trump

28/01 - 16:15 - El presidente palestino, Mahmud Abás, expresó su rechazo ante el 'acuerdo del siglo' anunciado por el mandatario estadounidense, Donald Trump.
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Press review: Russia reacts to Trump’s Mideast peace plan and who’s got Aces High in Libya

US President Donald Trump made a crucial step Tuesday towards fulfilling his key election promise: going down in history as a peacemaker, who would iron out the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, one of the world’s most enduring and problematic standoffs, Kommersant writes. Standing next to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Trump announced details of the so-called ‘deal of the century,’ vowing that it would be advantageous for both Israelis and Palestinians.
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Donald Trump presenta su plan de paz a Netanyahu y Gantz

El presidente estadounidense recibe por separado a ambos líderes israelíes un día antes de hacer público su "acuerdo del siglo" con el que Washington busca la paz en Oriente Próximo.
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Palestinians call on world to reject Trump peace plan

The US proposal may also seek to give Israel the green light to annex the Jordan Valley, a key territory that constitutes around 30 percent of the West Bank.
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Palestinians warn Israel, US as Trump discusses new 'peace plan'

Palestinians reject US meeting with Netanyahu, promise not to recognise peace plan expected to favour Israel.
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Trump plan said to give Israel sovereignty throughout Jerusalem, all settlements

16:39 - TV report: Palestinian state only if PA accepts Israel as Jewish state and Hamas is disarmed; no big refugee influx; if Abbas rejects plan, Israel can start annexing
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Palestinians in Gaza benefit from China-funded desalination plants

16:31 - Abdul-Rahim Abu Gouda, a Palestinian living in a small village in the Gaza Strip's southern border town of Rafah, breathed a sigh of relief after two China-funded water desalination plants opened this month in his impoverished al-Naser village.
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Abdullah: What if world gives up on two-state solution?

15/01 - 17:23 - Jordan's King Abdullah warns the European Parliament against one-state and says failure to resolve the Israel-Palestinian conflict endangers world peace. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino