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Política Europa Press - España Política Internacional Imran Jan

Pakistán llevará ante el Consejo de Seguridad de la ONU la situación en Cachemira

El ministro de Exteriores de Pakistán, Shah Mehmud Qureshi, ha recalcado este lunes que el país llevará ante el Consejo de Seguridad de Naciones Unidas la situación en Cachemira, en medio de las tensiones al respecto con India.
Política India Today - India Política Internacional Prabhash K Dutta

Kashmir: How Line of Control has changed in 70 years

In 1947, 65 per cent area of Jammu and Kashmir was under India's control. Today, only 45 per cent of princely state area is under its control.
Política Al Jazeera - Qatar Relaciones Bilaterales

India tells 'alarmist' Pakistan Kashmir is an 'internal affair'

India dismisses Pakistan's downgrading of diplomatic ties over New Delhi's move to strip Kashmir of its special status.
Política Deutsche Welle (DW) - Alemania Política Internacional David Ehl

Kashmir: The world's most dangerous conflict

The dispute over Kashmir has poisoned relations between India and Pakistan since the two became independent countries in 1947. Here's an overview of how tensions have grown more dangerous over the past seven decades.
Política India Today - India Relaciones Bilaterales

Article 370: Pakistan calls back high commissioner, expels Indian envoy, suspends bilateral trade

Pakistan has now announced that it will be downgrading diplomatic relations with India. It has also said it will be suspending bilateral trade.
Política Al Jazeera - Qatar Política Internacional Asad Hashim

Pakistan parliament to convene over Kashmir crisis

Prime Minister Khan due to address session in the capital, as military leadership also meets to discuss Indian move.
Política India Today - India Política Internacional

Told Pompeo Kashmir a bilateral matter, talks only with Pakistan: Jaishankar on Trump's mediation offer

Minister of External Affairs S Jaishankar said that any discussion on Kashmir will take place bilaterally and only with Pakistan. It comes after Trump broached the topic of mediating between India and Pakistan for a second time over the Kashmir issue.
Política El Mundo - España Política Internacional

Donald Trump dice que podría ganar la guerra de Afganistán "en una semana" arrasando el país

El presidente estadounidense agrega que no quiere ir por "esa vía" ya que supondría "matar a 10 millones de personas".
Política Al Jazeera - Qatar Política Internacional

Trump says Modi asked for US mediation on Kashmir, India denies

The US president, in meeting with Pakistan PM Imran Khan, says Narendra Modi asked for mediation, a claim India rejects.
Economía Die Welt - Alemania Economía Internacional Haroon Janjua

Fresh IMF deal a 'political blow' to Pakistan PM Imran Khan

Pakistan has secured a multibillion-dollar bailout package from the IMF in a desperate attempt to get out of a crippling economic situation. But the road to strengthen the nation's finances is tough.
Cancillería The Nation - Pakistán Economía

Envoy, LCCI agree to make joint efforts to boost Pak-Argentina trade

04/04 - 16:50 - Ambassador of Argentina in Pakistan Ivan Ivanissevich and President Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry Almas Hyder have agreed to make joint efforts to boost mutual trade and to bridge communication gap between private sectors of the two countries.
Política The Hindu - India Atul Aneja

China to discuss India with visiting Pak. Foreign Minister

As India-Pkistan escalated last month, Chinese vice Foreign Minister Kong Xuanyou had visited Pakistan.
Política The Economist times - India

Pakistan assures US to deal 'firmly' with all terrorists, says NSA Bolton

During talks between Gokhale and Pompeo, the United States continued to maintain pressure on Pakistan, according to a readout of the meeting issued by the State Department.
Política The Economist times - India Política Internacional

Threat of further escalation between India, Pakistan over: Government assessment

The official told journalists that Pakistan did not foresee any further "aggressive action" from India, the report said.
Política South China Morning Post - China Política Internacional

India signs US$3 billion nuclear-powered submarine deal with Russia

The submarine, the third New Delhi has leased from Moscow, would be delivered by 2025. The deal comes as Chinese influence grows in the region
Política The New Indian Express - India Política Internacional

Nuclear war between India, Pakistan 'most likely': New York Times

According to the NYT, the next confrontation between the two neighbours might not end "so calmly".
Política El País - España Política Internacional

Pakistán anuncia la liberación del piloto indio capturado como “gesto de paz”

El avión del oficial fue derribado el miércoles en el espacio aéreo de la disputada Cachemira. Rusia se ofrece como mediador entre los dos países
Política The Economist times - India Política Internacional

Will release IAF pilot tomorrow as peace gesture, now don't take this any further: Pakistan PM Imran Khan to India

Imran urged India not to escalate the situation. “Don’t take this any further, Pakistan will be forced to retaliate.” es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino