Países emergentes

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Argentina recupera la categoría de “mercado emergente”

La calificadora Morgan Stanley Capital International suma al país sudamericano a una lista que integran Brasil, China, Colombia y Rusia
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Defaults Hurt, But Emerging Debt Still Wins in the Long Run

The past year has been grim for emerging markets, with currency collapses, IMF rescues and Venezuela’s descent toward anarchy. Investors seem happy to move on: The main emerging-market hard-currency bond index passed its January 2018 level on Friday to set a new high.
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G20 fails to mend trade rift, chair urges protagonists to resolve disputes

Trade tensions within the Group of 20 leading industrialized and emerging economies could only be solved by the countries directly involved, the chairman of a meeting of finance leaders from the G20 said after a gathering in Bali on Friday.
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Países emergentes produzem bilionários mais rápido, diz relatório

Países emergentes produziram bilionários a um ritmo mais rápido do que os desenvolvidos, aponta o UBS Wealth Management Global (área de gestão de fortunas do banco suíço).
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The next recession

Toxic politics and constrained central banks could make the next downturn hard to escape.
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FMI: Brasil terá maior dívida entre emergentes

Em 2019, país só perderá para a Venezuela, atingindo 90,5% do PIB. Patamar supera a média da América Latina, de 66,9%. Monitor Fiscal, divulgado pelo Fundo, ressalta importância do equilíbrio nas contas públicas
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Recessão bate recorde e inflação chega a 10.000.000%

Crise da Venezuela é caso excepcional, com piores previsões entre os países analisados pelo Fundo Monetário Internacional
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Argentina and Turkey are not the best examples of emerging markets

With the 10th anniversary of the Lehman collapse just passed, and umpteen other 10th anniversaries of the events of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) falling thick and fast over coming months, commentators and analysts are casting around for signs of the next crisis brewing.
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La Turchia dimezza le stime di crescita. E in Argentina il Pil affonda

Prima le drammatiche svalutazioni, ora le pesanti conseguenze economiche. I destini di Argentina e Turchia sembrano ancora una volta coincidere.
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OECD trims economic outlook over trade and emerging market woes

Global economic growth has peaked in the face of rising trade frictions and emerging market turbulence, the OECD said on Thursday, as it trimmed its earlier outlook.
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La Turchia viaggia sull’orlo del burrone e potrebbe essere il detonatore di una crisi dei paesi emergenti

Sembrava tutto risolto, nonostante le solite bizze da sultano di Recep Erdogan, quando la scorsa settimana la Banca centrale turca aveva rotto gli indugi e alzato i tassi di interesse di 625 punti base in un sol colpo, portando il riferimento principale per il costo del denaro al 24% e garantendo un immediato sollievo alla lira, cresciuta del 5% nel cambio sul dollaro immediatamente dopo la notizia.
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Asset manager seeks to exploit an emerging opportunity

The renowned investor Mark Mobius is seeking to raise up to £400 million to list an investment trust in London to take advantage of a “phenomenal opportunity” in emerging markets.
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La BCE voit les nuages s'accumuler sur l'économie

Guerre commerciale, pays émergents, dette italienne: la Banque centrale européenne sera surveillée jeudi sur son appréciation des risques en cette fin d'été, tandis que devrait se confirmer le retrait de son vaste soutien à l'économie.
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Emerging markets currency crisis: how contagious is the situation in Argentina?

For an Argentine, turning to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in a moment of crisis is unthinkable. When the lender of last resort refused to release a $1.3bn (£1bn) tranche of its loan to Argentina in late 2001, the country was brought to its knees.
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Could crises in Turkey and Argentina hurt Asia?

Economic crises in Turkey and Argentina have led to talk of "contagion" - the danger of financial problems in one country spilling over into others. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino