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Climat : l’objectif des 100 milliards de dollars des pays du Nord vers le Sud sera difficile à atteindre

Les pays développés ont mobilisé 79 milliards de dollars en 2018, et la progression des financements climat marque un ralentissement, alors que le secteur privé ne se mobilise pas suffisamment.
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Dutch Foreign Minister Stef Blok raises Hong Kong and human rights concerns with Chinese counterpart Wang Yi

Arrests of journalists and lawmakers in city, delay of Legco elections and new national security law all ‘extremely worrying developments’, Blok says. Minister also spoke about treatment of Uygurs in Xinjiang during meeting with Wang, who is on five-nation tour of Europe.
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L’accord commercial avec le Mercosur en mauvaise posture

Le parlement néerlandais a voté en défaveur de l’accord commercial entre l’Union européenne et le Mercosur. Ce vote pourrait compliquer la ratification de l’accord. Il place le gouvernement néerlandais et la Commission européenne dans une situation délicate.
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Les députés néerlandais rejettent l'accord UE-Mercosur

La majorité des députés du parlement des Pays-Bas s'est opposée, mercredi, à l'accord commercial entre l'Union européenne et les pays sud-américains. Une première dans un pays traditionnellement ouvert au commerce et qui témoigne de la montée des questions environnementales en Europe.
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Cómo Holanda desplazó a Argentina como el "granero del mundo"

29/01 - 15:24 - Con una supercie 64 veces menor al país vecino, los Países Bajos son el segundo mayor exportador mundial de productos agrícolas.
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Netherlands poll surprise: Anti-EU parties fall short

Pro-European parties in the Netherlands are predicted to win most of the country's European Parliament seats, exit polls show. Dutch voters were among the first to take part in four days of voting across the continent.
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Germany, Netherlands suspend Iraq training missions

The United States has warned of increasing threats to Western military forces from Iran-allied groups. Germany and the Netherlands have suspended their training of Iraqi soldiers, it emerged on Wednesday.
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Central bank warns financial firms on environmental and social risks

Dutch financial institutions are exposed to environmental and social risks such as water stress, human rights controversies, the loss of biodiversity and a scarcity of raw materials, according to new research by the central bank.
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Gender X: first gender neutral passport in NL

The first gender neutral passport in the Netherlands will be handed out on Friday, reports Omroep Brabant.
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Dutch economic growth set to reach 3.3% this year, says CPB

The government’s macro-economic policy unit CPB on Wednesday revised its growth forecasts for the Dutch economy upwards to 3.3% this year and 2.5% in 2018.
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Amsterdam among 19 contenders for EU medicines agency

Amsterdam is among the 19 contenders for the new location of the European Medicines Agency when it is forced out of London as Brexit takes its bite in 2019.
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ABN Amro says goodbye tobacco industry citing bank's "principles"

ABN Amro is no longer accepting new customers from the tobacco industry and will no longer be investing in the sector, the bank announced on Wednesday. "The core business of the tobacco industry is not compatible with the core principles of the bank", ABN Amro said in a statement, Trouw reports. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino