Olaf Scholz

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Germany's Scholz seeks compromise on EU banking plan

The finance minister has said Berlin should support a common deposit insurance scheme, albeit with some caveats. With Brexit in mind, it is time for the EU to boost its efforts to "deepen and complete a banking union."
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Germany faces 'impossible' choice between US and China

BERLIN (BLOOMBERG) - The global order that underpins German prosperity is unravelling. And Chancellor Angela Merkel doesn't know what to do about it.
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Germany's 'fat years' of high tax revenue are over: Finance Minister Scholz

Finance Minister Olaf Scholz says Germany will have to say goodbye to the tax revenue windfalls it has been accustomed to. International and domestic problems are acting as a drag on Germany's economic growth.
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World Economic Leaders Warn of Trade War as Mnuchin Defends Policies

20/03/18 - 18:25 - President Trump’s plan to hit other countries with stiff tariffs on imports of steel and aluminum dominated a two-day gathering of global economic leaders, with foreign policymakers warning that the United States is on the cusp of triggering an international trade war as it put its “America First” policy into action.
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Cumbre G20: Argentina y Alemania quieren defender el libre comercio

Ambas naciones buscarán debilitar la tendencia proteccionista de EEUU durante la reunión que comienza hoy, en Buenos Aires.
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Scholz, el nuevo hombre fuerte de Berlín

El nombramiento del ministro de Finanzas alemán augura una continuidad del rigor presupuestario de su predecesor, Shäuble
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