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Oil plunges as OPEC tries to balance supply concerns with Trump's demands

The plunge in oil prices highlights the divide between Saudi Arabia on one side and the US and Russia on the other.
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Putin Says Russia, Saudi Arabia Will Extend OPEC+ Oil Pact

Russia and Saudi Arabia agreed to extend into 2019 their deal to manage the oil market, known as OPEC+, although Moscow and Riyadh have yet to confirm any fresh output cuts. Futures surged.
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President Trump's Blind Spot On Oil Prices

President Trump recently took credit for the plunge in oil prices since early October. As I noted in a recent article, it's true that the President's actions have contributed to the drop in oil prices, but at a cost that has been largely ignored.
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Energy agency: Global oil supply jumps, sending prices lower

FRANKFURT, Germany (AP) - The International Energy Agency said Wednesday that global oil supplies are growing rapidly as Saudi Arabia, the United States and Russia pump more oil in response to fears of higher prices as a result of renewed U.S. sanctions on Iran.
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Nervous oil: Five factors driving price swings

US sanctions on Iran and Opec’s lack of spare capacity are worries shaping outlook
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Oil Set for Worst Week Since February as Supply Fears Subside

Oil headed for the biggest weekly loss since February as the U.S. softened its crackdown on Iranian exports and American supplies surged, assuaging fears of an impending shortage.
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Oil prices drop as wave of supply meets global economic gloom

Oil fell on Thursday, on course for its fourth consecutive week of decline, as rising crude supply met the bearish combination of concern over global growth and weak equity markets.
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Precios del petróleo caen por nerviosismo a retorno de sanciones contra crudo de Irán

Los precios del petróleo en Nueva York y Londres cerraron la sesión de lunes a la baja, en donde el Brent cerró en 77.34 dólares, una pérdida de 28 centavos; mientras que el WTI estadounidense perdió 55 centavos, para cerrar en 67.04 dólares.
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Russian energy minister Novak: No need to freeze or cut oil output levels

ISTANBUL (Reuters) - Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak said on Saturday there was no reason for Russia to freeze or cut its oil production levels, noting that there were risks that global oil markets could be facing a deficit.
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Venezuela tendría que cancelar bonos de Pdvsa para no perder Citgo

De acuerdo a la información del reportaje, los bonos están respaldados por una participación mayoritaria en su activo estadounidense Citgo
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Why is Canadian crude selling for $20?

A cocktail of pipeline constraints, suffocating regulation and refinery maintenance season in the US has proven to be a disaster for the Canadian oil patch.
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Can the us make oil sanctions on iran work?

Given pushback from friends and foes, Trump’s goal of zero Iranian exports is still far off.
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