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Narendra Modi

Economía Valor Econômico - Brasil Relaciones Bilaterales Daniel Rittner

Acordos abrem ´relação 2.0´ com a índia

Relações externas: Visita de Bolsonaro terá assinatura de tratados sobre investimentos, previdência e tributos
Política Al Jazeera - Qatar Política Internacional

Despite India's Modi defending citizenship law, protests continue

At least 25 dead so far in protests as PM Narendra Modi says India's 200 million Muslims 'need not worry'.
Política The Japan Times - Japón Relaciones Bilaterales

Common enmity shouldn't guide Japan-India ties

The Japan-India partnership made progress last weekend when the two governments held their first “two plus two meeting,” a security discussion among their foreign and defense ministers.
Economía South China Morning Post - China Economía Internacional Bhavan Jaipragas

China’s in, but, without India, is ‘world’s largest trade pact’, the RCEP, still such a big deal?

Modi’s shock move to abandon the RCEP trade deal has fed the cynics. But its fans are loyal, even in the face of research suggesting its impact on GDPs will be minima
Política Deutsche Welle (DW) - Alemania Política Internacional

Merkel, Modi talk trade in India

Climate change, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence are some of several areas in which Germany and India have agreed to boost cooperation. The countries' leaders kicked off talks by signing a range of agreements.
Política Deutsche Welle (DW) - Alemania Política Internacional

Angela Merkel visiting India to bolster ties amid China's growing clout

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, along with a dozen ministers, is traveling to India to seek ways to strengthen trade cooperation. Germany's Parliament recently called for upgrading bilateral ties with India.
Política Arab News - Arabia Saudita Política Internacional

Indian PM Narendra Modi: ‘We value the Kingdom’s vital role’

On the occasion of his visit to Saudi Arabia, his second in three years, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi told Arab News that the two countries have been working together within the G20 to reduce inequality and promote sustainable development.
Política The New York Times - Estados Unidos Política Internacional Jeffrey Gettleman

They Run the World’s Biggest Countries. Their Talk Won’t Be Easy.

As Narendra Modi of India and Xi Jinping of China meet, a host of potential conflicts are sharing the room with them.
Política India Today - India Política Internacional

Unprecedented gesture by Trump shows he considers PM Modi his ally: Former Pak diplomat

US President Donald Trump's decision to join Prime Minster Narendra Modi for the mega diaspora event "Howdy, Mody!" suggests that Trump considers Modi to be his friend and ally, a former top Pakistani diplomat said.
Economía Diario Financiero - Chile Relaciones Bilaterales Rodolfo Carrasco

Chile logra acuerdo con India para importación de medicamentos vía Cenabast

Presidente Sebastián Piñera se reunió con primer ministro de India donde se acordó también un tratado de doble tributación y las bases para avanzar hacia un Tratado de Libre Comercio.
Política Al Jazeera - Qatar Política Internacional

Trump says Modi asked for US mediation on Kashmir, India denies

The US president, in meeting with Pakistan PM Imran Khan, says Narendra Modi asked for mediation, a claim India rejects.
Política India Today - India Política Internacional

Pompeo in India: US Secretary of State meets PM Modi

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who his on his three-day visit to India, met Prime Minister Narendra Modi in New Delhi on Wednesday.
Política Financial Express - India Política Internacional

Ahead of India travel, Pompeo says its an incredibly important relationship

New Delhi would be Pompeo's first stop and South Korea his last during the nearly week-long visit to the Indo-Pacific region, beginning June 24, that would also take him to Sri Lanka and Japan.
Política The Washington Post - Estados Unidos Política Internacional Tariq Thachil

India’s election results were more than a ‘Modi wave’

After five weeks and seven voting stages, India’s national elections delivered a decisive win for an alliance led by the right-wing Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). The BJP won 303 seats, and its alliance commands 352 seats in India’s 543-seat Parliament.
Política El País - España Política Internacional María Antonia Sánchez-Vallejo

El nacionalismo hindú de Modi logra una victoria histórica en la India

Por primera vez desde 1984, un partido renueva por segunda vez consecutiva su mayoría absoluta en la India. A falta de los resultados definitivos, el Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) ha arrasado en las elecciones generales, sin necesidad de aliados como en 2014, cuando su líder y primer ministro en funciones, Narendra Modi, llegó al poder.
Política The Guardian - Reino Unido Política Internacional Michael Safi

India election results 2019: Modi claims landslide victory

The hugely popular BJP Hindu nationalist leader brushes aside economic woes to claim another term es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino