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Política Al Jazeera - Qatar Organismos Internacionales

Syria ceasefire has failed as civilians killed daily: UN

13:59 - Some 350,000 Syrians have fled a renewed Russian-backed offensive in opposition-held Idlib province since December.
Política Jerusalem Post - Israel Política Internacional

What does triggering the Iran nuclear deal dispute mechanism mean?

14/01 - 15:08 - Read how the dispute resolution process, which could take up to 65 days to play out unless extended by consensus, works
Política The New York Times - Estados Unidos Política Internacional

U.N. Peacekeepers in Haiti Said to Have Fathered Hundreds of Children

Women and girls were left behind to face poverty, social stigma and single motherhood in the Western Hemisphere’s poorest country.
Política The New York Times - Estados Unidos Política Económica

Brazil Could Lose Its U.N. Vote Due to Debt

Brazil is in danger of losing its vote at the cash-strapped United Nations if it does not pay some of the $400 million it owes by the end of the year, U.N. and Brazilian officials said.
Política Al Jazeera - Qatar Política Internacional

Dozens dead as migrant boat sinks off Mauritania coast: UN

At least 58 people, including children, drown while 83 others swim ashore after their overcrowded boat capsizes.
Política The Times of Israel - Israel Política Internacional

Israel’s UN envoy: Erdogan has turned Turkey into a ‘regional hub for terror’

Danon tells Security Council that Ankara is persecuting Kurds in Turkey and sending troops ‘to massacre Kurdish people in Syria as well’
Política El Mundo - España Politica Latinoamericana DANIEL LOZANO

Los indígenas liberan a los policías retenidos en Quito

El octavo día de protestas termina así con cierta distensión aunque los líderes de la Confederación de Indígenas llaman a radicalizar el conflicto tras la muerte de uno de sus líderes en las movilizaciones
Política The Jerusalem Post - Israel Organismos Internacionales Tovah Lazaroff

UN investigating charges of ethical misconduct at UNRWA

“An investigation is ongoing” and UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres is “committed to acting swiftly upon receiving the full report,” UN spokesperson Farhan Haq told reporters in New York.
Sr. Canciller The Jerusalem Post - Israel Organismos Internacionales TAMAR BEERI

25 years after the Buenos Aires terror attack: U.N. remembers those fallen

The United Nations (UN) will commemorate 25 years since the bombing of a Jewish Community Center in Buenos Aires, Argentina, during which 85 people were killed and hundreds were injured.
Política El País - España Editorial

El informe Mueller

Todo lo que hacía de Trump un presidente inadecuado sigue en pie tras el informe sobre la trama rusa
Medio Ambiente The Independent - Reino Unido Colin Drury

World's food supply 'under threat' from increasing loss of biodiversity, warns UN report

Plants, animals and micro-organisms crucial to indirectly upholding the human diet are dying out, study shows
Política Reuters Política Internacional Michelle Nichols

After U.S. veto, U.N. General Assembly to meet on Jerusalem status

19/12/17 - 14:46 - The 193-member United Nations General Assembly will hold a rare emergency special session on Thursday at the request of Arab and Muslim states on U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino