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Myanmar May Target Free Speech in Effort to Stifle Protests

14:40 - Civil society groups say a proposed measure to limit online expression and privacy rights could lead to mass arrests of those who criticize the military government.
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Ties with Myanmar military put pressure on western companies

Activists criticise oil and gas companies that have set up highly profitable joint ventures with army chiefs to exploit mineral resources
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Biden to redirect $42.4M in aid to Myanmar, sanction key military figures

14:40 - The Biden administration on Thursday announced its sanctions campaign related to the military coup in Myanmar, targeting military commanders, their families and businesses and redirecting $42.4 million of U.S. assistance away from the government.
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Biden to sanction Myanmar’s military leaders over coup

16:57 - US president faces early test of pledge to put human rights at centre of his foreign policy.
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Protesters Rally Across Myanmar, Defying Coup and Risking Crackdown

Hundreds of thousands of people marched in cities and towns nationwide nearly a week after the military took back power. It has met demonstrations with deadly force in the past.
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In Geopolitical Struggle Over Myanmar, China Has an Edge

12:24 - As the United States and other nations denounce the coup, China has a chance to build up its influence. But Myanmar’s generals are difficult partners.
Política The Wall Street Journal - Estados Unidos Política Internacional Sabrina Siddiqui

Biden Issues Warnings on Crises in Myanmar, Russia

20:43 - President outlines international goals: ending Yemen war, assuring U.S. allies, emphasizing human rights, relying on American diplomats
Política The Wall Street Journal - Estados Unidos Política Internacional Newley Purnell

Myanmar Blocks Facebook Access After Online Protests of Military Coup

12:20 - Images of people banging pots and pans or making a three-finger salute from ‘The Hunger Games’ were used to show opposition
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Itamaraty não chama de golpe militar a tomada de poder em Mianmar

Nota também não menciona presos políticos, entre eles uma Nobel; EUA já acusaram 'golpe de Estado'
Política El País - España Política Internacional Macarena Vidal Liy

El golpe en Myanmar: desafío para Estados Unidos, oportunidad para China

Mientras Occidente ha condenado con dureza la asonada, Pekín, principal socio comercial de la antigua Birmania, se ha limitado a pedir estabilidad
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La ONU rechaza el plan de los militares birmanos para convocar otros comicios

17:01 - La ONU reclamó este martes a las potencias internacionales una clara condena del golpe de Estado en Birmania y les pidió que rechacen el plan de los militares para celebrar unas nuevas elecciones.
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Aung San Suu Kyi, the rise and fall of an icon turned pariah on the world stage

16:05 - The Myanmar army’s detention of de facto leader Aung San Suu Kyi on Monday marks the fall of an icon whose story has been marked by the country's highs and lows, both at home and abroad. The Nobel Peace Prize laureate rose to lead Myanmar in 2015 after spending the better part of two decades under house arrest. But Suu Kyi's standing abroad was gravely damaged by her handling of the Rohingya crisis.
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Países Bajos pide a Bruselas sanciones a Birmania tras golpe de Estado

14:40 - El Gobierno neerlandés pidió hoy a la Unión Europea dictar nuevas sanciones contra las autoridades y empresas directamente vinculadas con el Ejército de Birmania (Myanmar), después del golpe de Estado que perpetró ayer para arrebatar el poder al Gobierno y detener a su líder y premio Nobel de la Paz, Aung San Suu Kyi.
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Los militares mantienen bajo arresto domiciliario a la líder de Myanmar tras el golpe de Estado

12:31 - El Ejército suspende los vuelos internacionales y las calles registran algunas caceroladas contra la autoridad militar
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México y Argentina expresan preocupación por situación en Myanmar

El Ejército del país asiático declaró el estado de emergencia y detuvo a la consejera de Estado, Aung San Suu Kyi, al presidente Win Myint y a otros miembros del partido gobernante
Política Global Times - China Política Internacional Wang Qi y Li Xuanmin

China hopes for a stable, peaceful Myanmar through domestic negotiations, not external interference

The Myanmar military on Monday announced that new elections will be held when a one-year state of emergency ends, and it will return the state power to the new government. The military said that during the state of emergency, the Union Election Commission will be reformed and the parliamentary elections results will be reviewed.
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Japan defense official warns Myanmar coup could increase China's influence in region

The world’s democracies would risk pushing Myanmar into the arms of China if their response to the coup closes channels for communication with the Southeast Asian country’s powerful generals, Japan’s deputy defense minister said on Tuesday. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino