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China supports ASEAN to constructively participate in Myanmar reconciliation: FM Wang Yi

It is in line with the interests of the Myanmar people and the international society to support ASEAN to constructively participate in Myanmar’s domestic reconciliation process in the ASEAN way, and push for the easing and cooling down of the Myanmar situation, Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi said at the high-level open debate held by the UN Security Council on Monday.
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Bachelet advierte que Myanmar podría hundirse en un conflicto generalizado como el de Siria

14:37 - En esa línea, la Alta Comisionada de la ONU para los Derechos Humanos instó a los Estados a "tomar medidas inmediatas, decisivas y efectivas" para obligar a la junta a cesar su represión.
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Myanmar Coup Puts the Seal on Autocracy’s Rise in Southeast Asia

Not long ago, democracy seemed to be surging in the region. But in Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines and elsewhere, it is in trouble.
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Myanmar ambassador in London locked out of embassy after speaking out against military

19:16 - Myanmar’s ambassador to Britain, who has spoken out again the military coup in his country, said he was barred from the embassy in London on Wednesday by officials loyal to the military junta.
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Biden and EU condemn Myanmar bloodshed as 'outrageous' and 'a day of shame'

Criticism of the junta’s deadly crackdown mounts after military fires on funeral following killing of 100
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Rusia se mueve para estrechar lazos con la junta militar de Myanmar

Moscú, que busca más influencia en el sudeste asiático, escenifica su apoyo a los golpistas y envía a su viceministro de Defensa en viaje oficial
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La crisis birmana afecta a intereses chinos y fuerza a Pekín a intervenir

Incendiada una treintena de fábricas chinas en las últimas protestas en Rangún
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Myanmar Authorities Declare Martial Law in Parts of Country’s Largest City

11:15 - The move in Yangon by the ruling junta came after dozens of people protesting a military coup last month were killed by security forces.
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Days of Killings and Defiance in Myanmar, With Neither Side Relenting

At least 51 people were fatally shot over the weekend, but the nationwide protest movement shows no sign of waning.
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Biden administration grants humanitarian protection for Burmese in US

19:46 - The Biden administration on Friday granted humanitarian protection to Burmese nationals and residents in the United States due to the military coup and violence against civilians in Myanmar.
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China y Rusia bloquean en la ONU la condena al golpe militar de Birmania

India y Vietnam, miembros no permanentes del Consejo de Seguridad, tampoco han dado su apoyo
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Myanmar: UN calls for 'utmost restraint' from military as more deaths reported

British-drafted UN statement watered down by China, Russia, India and Vietnam, as Amnesty says military using battlefield weapons on protesters
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Protests, mourning as world condemns Myanmar crackdown

Protesters return to streets as thousands attend funeral for 19-year-old woman killed in bloodiest day since coup.
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Nearly 40 killed in violent day of protests against Myanmar coup, U.N. envoy says

18:17 - Thirty-eight people were killed in Myanmar as the military quelled protests in several towns and cities on Wednesday, the United Nations said, the most violent day since demonstrations against last month’s military coup first broke out.
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Los países del sudeste asiático presionan a Myanmar para que abandone la violencia contra los manifestantes

17:28 - Cuatro estados de la ASEAN piden la liberación de Aung San Suu Kyi mientras continúa la represión policial y militar en la antigua Birmania
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ASEAN set for talks with Myanmar military as crisis escalates

In a virtual meeting, regional foreign ministers will call for Aung San Suu Kyi’s release and encourage talks between the civilian leader and the military.
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EU agrees to sanctions on Myanmar military, Russian officials

17:54 - Bloc says it decided to apply sanctions targeting the military and its economic interests following February 1 coup.
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U.K. Calls for UN Action in China, Myanmar, Russia and Belarus

U.K. Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab will call on the United Nations to take action against “systemic” human rights violations in China, Myanmar, Russia and Belarus in a speech to the UN Human Rights Council on Monday.
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Myanmar coup: Thousands rally against military build up

Demonstrators are blocking roads with vehicles to stop troops from moving through the country's largest city. Experts warn that the protests could spark a wave of violence. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino