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Miguel Pesce

Argentina Bloomberg - Estados Unidos Política Internacional Patrick Gillespie

Rate Cuts Revive February Inflation Spike Fears in Argentina

12:40 - Argentina’s central bank has slashed interest rates the most in the world in recent weeks, reviving concerns about an oft-repeated monetary policy misstep that triggers faster inflation in the country near the start of the year.
Argentina Bloomberg - Estados Unidos Política Económica Jorgelina do Rosario

Argentina Central Bank Seeks to Cut Rates and Slow Inflation

08/01 - 15:24 - Argentina’s new central bank president pledged to further cut interest rates to boost a free-falling economy while fighting inflation through a “social pact” that would encourage companies to raise production rather than prices.
Argentina Bloomberg - Estados Unidos Política Económica Patrick Gillespie

Argentina Seeks to Make Payments During Debt Talks, Pesce Says

18/12 - 16:59 - Argentina’s new government wants to continue making debt payments while it renegotiates with creditors in the coming months, central bank chief Miguel Pesce said Wednesday.
Argentina El Financiero - México Política Jorgelina do Rosario

Argentina 'volverá al futuro'; Fernández pondrá al frente del Banco Central a un viejo conocido

06/12 - 17:41 - El presidente electo argentino nombrará a Miguel Pesce en el cargo, quien durante 15 años y hasta 2015 fue vicepresidente de la institución. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino