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Argentina Company Wants to Build Amazon of Latin America

Buenos Aires-based e-commerce company is working to strengthen its foothold in the region and fend off Amazon and Alibaba. Shares of MercadoLibre closed at an all-time high on Wednesday. The company plans to spend $2 billion on operations and services this year.
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China emerges as key player in green bonds market

China has emerged as a key player in boosting the fledgling "green bonds" market which promotes investment in environmentally friendly projects that address climate change.
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Major Asian stock markets slip as investors seek clarity on US-China trade

Stocks in China slipped on the day after a turbulent session. Other major Asian stock markets also closed lower. U.S. stocks received a boost after President Donald Trump's declaration that America would delay placing additional tariffs on Chinese imports at the start of March.
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Los bancos centrales de Perú y Chile tienen las tasas de interés más bajas en la región

Argentina, México y Brasil tienen los tipos más altos de las principales economías
Economía Les Echos - Francia Economía Internacional Isabelle Couet

La dette émergente signe l'une de ses meilleures performances

Venezuela en tête, la dette émergente connaît un incroyable retour en grâce en janvier. Faible valorisation et banques centrales moins restrictives expliquent ce rebond.
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América Latina volta a emitir no exterior e Brasil deve ser o próximo

Divida Pais pode ir ao mercado internacional em meio à queda do risco e clima favorável
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Argentina Closes Tough Year With Its Best Bond Rally in Weeks

28/12 - 15:45 - Argentine bonds have been so beaten down in 2018 that it would appear there’s only one direction left for them to go in the short-term, or at least until we get closer to the presidential elections in October.
Argentina Bloomberg - Estados Unidos Economía Carolina Millan

Argentina's Best Bond Fund Actually Eked Out a Profit in 2018

21/12 - 12:05 - Country’s assets among the hardest hit amid peso, bond rout. Sovereign borrowing costs have jumped to highest since 2014.
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Bruising and unpredictable: the year in markets

21-12 - 20:30 - From a melt-up in stocks to a near meltdown, few will have fond memories of 2018
Argentina The Times - Reino Unido Organismos Internacionales

The global economy needs more than a vague Trump trade truce

. It was a welcome surprise, therefore, when last weekend’s G20 summit in Buenos Aires produced an outcome that financial markets could celebrate.
Argentina Bloomberg - Estados Unidos Economía Patrick Gillespie

Hooked on Dollars, Argentines Smash Record for Greenback Buying

13/09/18 - 13:34 - Argentines are buying dollars at fastest pace in 15 years. Demand for dollars helps push down peso, economists say.
Economía Bloomberg - Estados Unidos Economía Internacional Cecile Gutscher

The Strong-Dollar Spell Is Breaking for Those With the Most at Stake

13/09/18 - 12:50 - BlueBay lightens up on hedges set up to defend EM investments. Pictet sees dollar correction as it boosts exposure to euro.
Argentina El Comercio - Perú Economía

Argentina: Mercados suben en medio de crisis y negociaciones con FMI

07/09/18 - 18:15 - El jueves, un portavoz del FMI dijo que el objetivo es "concluir tan rápido como sea posible" las conversaciones para el préstamo que recibirá el país latino
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Bolsa argentina rebota, negociación con FMI despierta cierto optimismo

06/09/18 - 14:15 - Las acciones treparon el jueves casi hasta un 5 por ciento en la bolsa argentina, en medio de un cauto optimismo por las conversaciones en marcha entre el Gobierno local y el Fondo Monetario Internacional, aunque operadores advertían que las ganancias eran frágiles.
Argentina BBC - Reino Unido Economía Ana Nicolaci da Costa

Could crises in Turkey and Argentina hurt Asia?

06/09/18 - 20:00 - Economic crises in Turkey and Argentina have led to talk of "contagion" - the danger of financial problems in one country spilling over into others.
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Brasil: Juros fecham em alta, com aversão ao risco de emergentes e expectativa com Ibope

04/09/18 - 17:45 - Os juros futuros fecharam em alta nesta terça-feira, 4, pressionados pela aversão ao risco que resultou em ganhos generalizados do dólar e em queda das bolsas, além da cautela antes da pesquisa de intenção de votos para presidente da República realizada pelo Ibope/Estadão/TV Globo, que será divulgada no período da noite. Na última hora, as ações foram o destaque entre os ativos domésticos, com o Ibovespa renovando mínimas e se firmando abaixo dos 75 mil pontos.
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Stocks jump as hopes grow for U.S.-China trade talks

16/08/18 - 18:50 - U.S. stocks jumped Thursday as China and the United States said they will hold their first trade discussions in months, a potential sign of progress toward ending their trade war.
Economía Reuters Economía Internacional

Emerging economies face threat of Turkey knock-on effect

14/08/18 - 18:05 - As Turkey’s financial markets spiral down, threatening the country’s economy, investors are gauging whether emerging markets as an asset class are in danger of falling out of grace. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino