Mercados emergentes

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Most, but not all, emerging markets have overcome high inflation

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New Front in Trade War Means No Reprieve for Emerging Markets

Emerging markets are heading into the fourth quarter in the shadow of one of the most perilous phases in the U.S.-China trade dispute.
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Emerging markets must invest in growth capacity

Emerging markets are still growing around twice as fast as advanced economies. Yet the expected gap with advanced economies in gross domestic product growth is now almost a full percentage point lower than a year ago, with GDP growth in EMs projected to be the lowest for a decade this year.
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Turkey and Argentina risk fresh currency crisis

A fresh emerging markets currency crisis is brewing around the world as a string of battered economies grapple with debt and inflation woes, experts are warning.
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Doesinvesting in emerging marketsstill make sense?

Apart from China and India, there is little sign that developing economies are converging with the developed world
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BlackRock Bets on ‘Cheap’ Markets in Brazil and Argentina

Kuczma also has a small overweight in Argentina, where he likes Information Technology companies and banks. While MSCI Argentina Index is down 0.3% this year, he expects the country’s addition to the MSCI’s equity index of developing nations to be supportive.
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Shifting trade and supply chains challenge emerging economies

For the past three decades, many emerging economies have relied on their role in global trade and supply chains to drive growth — but disruption is biting them as the trade war between the US and China intensifies.
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Emerging market currencies suffer worst week since 2018 lira crisis

China’s offshore renminbi has weakened to its lowest level since November on escalated trade tensions, in the worst week for emerging market currencies since the Turkish lira crisis last summer.
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Currency crisis redux?

According to Evghenia Sleptsova and her team at Oxford Economics, Argentina's peso and the Turkish lira are the two currencies most vulnerable to yet another sell-off. Sleptsova calculates a 70 per cent chance of a currency crisis in the next three years in Turkey, and about the same for Argentina over the same period.
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MSCI confirma ingreso de Argentina a índice de mercados emergentes, pero tendrá la mitad del peso previsto

Pese a la alta volatilidad que se ha registrado en los últimos meses, la que podría recrudecer a medida que se acercan las elecciones presidenciales, el proveedor de índices MSCI confirmó el ascenso de Argentina a su índice de mercados emergentes (EM, sigla en inglés).
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Los mercados emergentes no soportarán a Argentina

Argentina cada vez padece más un ciclo de interrupciones financieras, contracción económica, inflación debilitante y calificación crediticia en decadencia.
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Mercados emergentes están a merced del crecimiento de EE.UU.

Se prevé que Turquía, Rusia, Indonesia y Colombia mantengan las tasas de interés sin cambios esta semana, aunque Ucrania bajará sus tipos, según los economistas.
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Mark Mobius and the case against Argentina

Veteran investor Mark Mobius made a name for himself by making big bets on unloved emerging economies around the world. He went bargain hunting across Asia as the financial crisis rippled through the region in the late 1990s. He also snapped up Russian stocks around the same time, despite the country defaulting on its debts in 1998. And before most investors even considered investing in Africa, Mobius already had.
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Emerging East Asia bond market expands but concerns persist

MANILA — Investor sentiment toward emerging East Asia’s local currency bond markets has improved but there are concerns about financial stability in the region, including ongoing trade conflicts, according to the Asian Development Bank’s (ADB) latest issue of the quarterly Asia Bond Monitor.
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Bond Investors: Watch Out for Argentina Election

Latin America saw significant political upheaval in 2018 - and this year has more in store. M&G's bond fund manager Claudia Calich is keeping an eye on Argentina
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Fitch advierte de rebaja de calificaciones de emergentes en 2019

Puntuaciones crediticias más bajas afectarán a América Latina, Oriente Medio y África debido a la alta proporción de deuda en moneda extranjera.
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Fed Hopes, Oil Rebound Buoy Emerging Markets

Stock and currency indexes for developing countries have rallied, with investors drawn by cheap valuations in the wake of last year’s selloff Oil platforms operated by Lukoil are seen in the Caspian Sea. Surging oil prices have been a boon for Russia and other oil exporters.
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Brasil é favorito entre emergentes, aponta Citi

Pesquisa trimestral de renda fixa do Citi sobre alocação em mercados emergentes mostra o Brasil como o mercado favorito para investimentos, no topo das indicações `overweight` (acima da média do mercado).
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Pays émergents : « Les routes commerciales vont probablement changer »

« Après les pressions de l'administration Trump, les Chinois mettront probablement moins en avant l'initiative des Routes de la Soie » estime Christian Deseglise, spécialiste des marchés émergents chez HSBC - SIPA es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino