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Defense secretary doubles down on aggressive timeline to have coronavirus vaccine ready by the end of the year

15:03 - Secretary of Defense Mark Esper downplayed characterizations made by health officials that a vaccine within the year would be “aspirational.” Last week, President Donald Trump unveiled a federal task force in charge of a $10 billion effort that will help produce and widely distribute a coronavirus vaccine by the end of 2020. Esper said he was “completely confident” that the Pentagon will deliver.
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Pentagon to free up 5 million respirator masks and 2,000 ventilators for coronavirus efforts

17:34 - Secretary of Defense Mark Esper said that the Pentagon was able to offer up to 2,000 deployable ventilators, but that the machines were different than those used by civilians and would require training before operation. He added that the U.S. government would need to seek support from industry on procuring more ventilators. The virus — which has already killed more than 7,167 people and infected more than 183,000 people around the world — is spreading from the U.S. military’s Indo-Pacific Command, the largest of all geographic combatant commands.
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U.S. troops will not be withdrawing from Iraq, Esper tells reporters

07/01 - 17:00 - Esper reaffirmed Tuesday that U.S. troops will not be withdrawing from Iraq, saying that a letter sent by the U.S. commander in Baghdad to Iraqi officials “has no value” and that the Trump administration wants a continued U.S. presence.
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US military says general’s letter announcing Iraq withdrawal was a mistake: ‘This is not what’s happening’

06/01 - 19:30 - The Pentagon said that a U.S. general’s letter informing Iraq’s Defense Ministry that U.S.-led coalition troops would leave Iraq “was a mistake.” American Defense officials insisted that the troops would remain there. The letter came a day after Iraq’s parliament voted to expel all foreign forces from the nation after a U.S. airstrike that killed Iran’s leading general, Qasem Soleimani. President Donald Trump said, “We’re not leaving unless they pay us back for” an aiport built by the United States.
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US seeks clarification on Erdogan's military base closure threat

US defence chief Esper says he needs to understand how serious Turkish president's threats to close Incirlik base are.
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South Korea Resists U.S. Pressure to Improve Ties With Japan

Defense Secretary Mark Esper had urged Seoul to reconsider abandoning a military intelligence-sharing deal with Tokyo.
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Not over yet: New US Syria mission after al-Baghdadi death

Following killing of terror leader, Washington makes further moves to protect area’s oil fields from extremists, Syria, Russia
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Iraq gives U.S. troops from Syria four weeks in the country before they must leave

U.S. troops leaving Syria are only “transiting” through Iraqi territory and will depart within four weeks, Iraq’s defense minister said Wednesday.
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U.S. may keep some troops in Syria to guard oil fields, Defense Secretary Mark Esper says

Even as American forces make a hasty and chaotic withdrawal from northeastern Syria, the U.S. is considering leaving some troops behind to secure oil fields in the region and make sure they don’t fall into the hands of a resurgent Islamic State group, Defense Secretary Mark Esper said Monday.
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Pentagon chief Mark Esper urges Japan to help protect shipping in Persian Gulf

U.S. Defense Secretary Mark Esper has urged Japan to consider taking part in a coalition to protect shipping in the Strait of Hormuz. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino