Mar de China Oriental

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U.S. Exercises in South China Sea Signal Biden’s Stance on Beijing’s Claims

Two U.S. carriers conducted a military exercise in the South China Sea, signaling that U.S. President Joseph Biden and his administration are taking a strong stance to oppose China’s territorial claims in the disputed waters.
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Beijing lays down a marker in South China Sea

PLA’s simulated attack on US carrier underscores determination to challenge American dominance
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ASEAN summit gets under way amid ‘major power rivalries’

The disputed South China Sea, the COVID-19 pandemic and a significant trade deal are likely to dominate discussions.
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Peligrosa escalada en el Mar de China Oriental

China está impulsando su reclamo sobre las islas Senkaku, administradas por Japón. Hasta ahora, Tokio ha reaccionado con mucha cautela, pero los últimos avances amenazan las relaciones chino-japonesas.
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Los juegos militares en el Mar del Sur de China: origen y protagonistas de la disputa

En una zona de crucial importancia estratégica y clave para el comercio marítimo mundial, China, Estados Unidos y Taiwan reclaman sus derechos.
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Canciller chino: EEUU se convierte en principal impulsor de militarización en Mar Meridional de China

Estados Unidos se ha convertido en el mayor impulsor de la militarización del Mar Meridional de China y en el factor más peligroso que daña la paz en el área, dijo hoy miércoles el consejero de Estado y ministro de Relaciones Exteriores chino, Wang Yi.
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Pompeo urges ASEAN to ditch Chinese firms in South China Sea row

Virtual regional summit overshadowed by escalating US-China tensions as well as the coronavirus pandemic.
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Beijing claims it has warned a US destroyer in South China Sea after missile launch

The USS Mustin sailed near the Paracel Islands in the disputed waterway after Chinese missile launch in the region. Deployment intended to keep critical shipping lanes ‘free and open’, American Pacific Fleet says
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US sanctions won't deter China from seeking legal rights in S.China Sea, trade: experts

The US on Wednesday sought to further escalate tensions with China, as it moves to sanction two dozen Chinese companies that it claims help build artificial islands in the South China Sea, compounding several hot-button issues in the bilateral relationship, from the South China Sea to military to trade.
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S. China Sea island warfare hyped by certain US military branch

Forbes reported on Sunday that the US military probably has enough fighter jets to win a war against China in the Western-Pacific region, but it doesn't have enough bases there. The report suggested that the US army could "borrow" bases from China by "dropping paratroopers or landing Marines" on some of China's islands and reefs.
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Australia to step up South China Sea defence cooperation with US – but won't commit to patrols

Allies release joint statement of ‘deep concern’ over China’s actions in Hong Kong and repression of Uighurs and vow to fight disinformation.
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US rejects China's claims in South China Sea drawing Beijing ire

China accuses US of 'inciting confrontation' after Washington rejected expansive claims in disputed sea for first time.
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South China Sea warning: Losing most eastern UK military base would be victory for Beijing

A PUSH to relinquish UK sovereignty over the Chagos Islands - and specifically Diego Garcia, home to strategically important UK and US military bases - risks allowing China to cement dominance in the South China Sea, a Tory MP has warned.
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Malaysia urges peaceful resolution to South China Sea stand-off with Beijing

The Haiyang Dizhi 8, accompanied by a Chinese Coast Guard (CCG) vessel, last week entered Malaysia’s exclusive economic zone (EEZ) and began a survey. The area is near waters claimed by Vietnam, Malaysia and China, which claims most of the energy-rich South China Sea
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Japón se rearma frente a China

El primer ministro Shinzo Abe aprueba un plan de defensa nacional y un presupuesto militar como respuesta a las actividades militares de Pekín en el Mar de China Oriental es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino