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I led the Falklands SAS mission that no one wants to talk about

Former captain Andy Legg on how a plan to blow up Argentine jets armed with Exocet missiles went awry
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Argentine anger over Heineken's 'Falklands' beer label

Dutch brewing company Heineken has responded to customers in Argentina following an outcry over a beer bottle label which states that the Falkland Islands belong to the United Kingdom.
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British army now has more than 17,000 troops unfit to fight in all theatres with just 60,000 soldiers available for action - fewer than Poland or Spain

7,000 soldiers among the 77,467 men and women labelled as 'non-deployable' Another 10,000 men and women are deemed 'medically limited deployable' Deployable force is below that of Spain and Poland, which both have 77,500 UK forces are on deployment on 11 operations including in Iraq and Afghanistan
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JET DETECTOR BOOST RAF to get £80m extra cash to defend UK against the threat of Russian warplanes

Project Guardian will enable RAF jets to stop enemy and terror attacks more accurately and quickly
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British fishing firm can appeal against a controversial decision to hand lucrative fishing licences near the Falkland Islands to foreign rivals

It emerged last week that £75 million of licences were given to foreign firms Companies from Norway, Chile and New Zealand got licences worth £75 million But applications from two British-based companies were rejected
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British fishermen BETRAYED: Boris Johnson attacked for selling Falklands fishing rights

BORIS Johnson has been accused of betraying British fishermen after signing fishing contracts in South Atlantic waters with foreign companies.
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'Our dream is stronger than ever': 36yrs after Falklands War, Argentina vows to reclaim islands

As Argentina remembered the lives it lost during the brutal 1982 Falklands War with the UK, its president has pledged to keep the effort to reclaim the islands alive. But the conflict dates from way before 1982.
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El militar inglés que le devolvió su nombre a los argentinos caídos en Malvinas

El 2 de abril de 1982, cuando Argentina le declaró la guerra a Inglaterra por las islas Malvinas, el capitán Geoffrey Cardozo trabajaba en el área de Logística del Ministerio de Defensa de Gran Bretaña, tenía 32 años y no sabía nada de construir cementerios.
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They Were ‘Known Only to God.’ Now Argentina’s Falklands War Dead Are Named

20:08 - “Before Macri there was no dialogue, so there were no opportunities for mutually beneficial cooperation,” Foreign Minister Jorge Faurie said. “Now we have been able to launch talks that set aside the issue of sovereignty over the Malvinas to cooperate in other areas, including the possibility of recognizing the bodies in Darwin cemetery.”
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Families of 90 soldiers killed in Falklands War visit graves for first time

The mother of one fallen soldier said she "feels at peace" now that she knows where her son lies 36 years after the conflict.
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Homenajean a soldados argentinos caídos en Las Malvinas

Gracias a labores conjuntas de la Cruz Roja y el Gobierno argentino más de 90 soldados fueron identificados en diciembre. Por primera vez desde el año 1991 familiares de los fallecidos visitaron Las Malvinas para un acto religioso.
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Argentines visit graves of Falklands war dead for first time

Joint operation to identify remains is testament to thawed relations between former foes
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Las tumbas con nombre, un cierre de la guerra de Malvinas 36 años después

26/03/018 - 18:56 - Las familias de los caídos argentinos rinden homenaje a 90 cuerpos identificados tras años de tensión
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Argentines visit fallen soldiers’ graves in Falkland Islands

26/03/018 - 17:01 - The families of 90 Argentine soldiers killed during the 1982 war with Britain traveled Monday to the Falkland Islands to visit the graves of loved ones who were recently identified under an agreement between both countries.
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Proponen vuelo entre Montevideo y Malvinas

Los gobiernos de Argentina y Reino Unido formalizaron ayer ante el canciller Rodolfo Nin Novoa una invitación para que compañías nacionales operen un "nuevo servicio aéreo civil semanal" hacia las Islas Malvinas, informaron fuentes oficiales. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino