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La guerra comercial llega a las Bolsas: China crea su propio Nasdaq

El nuevo índice tendrá la denominación oficial de «SSE Star Market» y tendrá como sede la Bolsa de Shanghai, para lo que ya han mostrado su interés más de 120 compañías tecnológicas chinas
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Was this the moment US-China trade talks fell apart?

Two separate Chinese sources told the South China Morning Post that the talks hit a snag because the US side “kept adding new demands in the late stages of the negotiations”. They said “some of these would directly affect China’s political and social stability”. Beijing was particularly angered by the additional tariffs and what it saw as the US’ attempt to shift the blame to China.
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China, U.S. agree to hold more trade talks: Vice Premier Liu He

10/05 - 19:21 - China and the United States have agreed to hold more trade talks in Beijing, Vice Premier Liu He told Chinese state media in the United States on Friday, following a round of discussions in Washington which he described as “honest” and “constructive”.
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Trump hits China with tariff rise as trade war escalates

The US president’s decision to push ahead with a threat to increase tariffs from 10 per cent to 25 per cent sets the stage for a tense final day of negotiations between Liu He, China’s vice-premier, and Robert Lighthizer, the US trade representative, in Washington.
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Trump Says China Tariffs Will Increase as Trade Deal Hangs in the Balance

09/05 - 19:41 - President Trump praised the effects of tariffs, on the same day United States and Chinese officials were scheduled to meet to negotiate a trade deal.
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Trump Threatens More China Tariffs, and Beijing Prepares to Retaliate

President Trump toughened his stance toward China on Wednesday, threatening to prolong his trade war with Beijing, which immediately signaled that it was prepared to fight back.
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Tariff War Renewed? How the U.S.-China Talks Could Play Out

President Donald Trump’s latest trade gamble has set the stage for a tense round of negotiations this week between the U.S. and China that will have markets on edge.
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European firms risk being caught in crossfire if US and China escalate their trade war

Donald Trump’s latest threat to raise tariffs has increased the uncertainty and risk faced by foreign companies in China
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China still ‘preparing’ delegation for US trip despite Donald Trump’s threat to increase tariffs

US President said he will increase punitive tariffs on US$200 billion of imports from 10 per cent to 25 per cent on Friday in a tweet posted on Sunday. Earlier suggestion planned trip to Washington by chief negotiator and Vice-Premier Liu He this week could be delayed or even cancelled altogether
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Mnuchin Says Enforcement Part of U.S.-China Deal `Close to Done'

The next round of China-U.S. trade talks will get under way in Beijing this week with significant issues still unresolved but with enforcement mechanisms “close to done,” U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said.
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How the U.S.-China Trade War Has Reached a Turning Point

17/04 - 17:59 - Senior U.S. and Chinese officials are scheduling two more rounds of face-to-face trade talks in an effort to reach a deal that President Donald Trump and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping could possibly sign by late May, a person familiar with the plans said.
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Lighthizer faces crunch time as US-China trade talks near finish

In at least two phone conversations in recent days, Mr Lighthizer, flanked by Mr Mnuchin, was again pushing Liu He, the top Chinese negotiator, to give some additional ground. The two sides have been close to a final deal for weeks, but have continued to haggle on the biggest sticking points in the talks.
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China and US reach milestone agreement on road to trade peace

Major hurdle overcome as both sides agree to monitoring and enforcement of trade pledges. No time frame for deal, but US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin hopes it can be done quickly
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Kudlow Says U.S.-China Deal Closer, More Teleconferences on Tap

President Donald Trump’s top economic adviser says the U.S. and China are “closer and closer” to a trade deal, and that top-tier officials would be talking again this week via “a lot of teleconferencing.”
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China Purchases Could Undercut Trump’s Larger Trade Goal

WASHINGTON — At the heart of President Trump’s negotiations with China is a troubling contradiction: The United States wants to use the trade talks to encourage the country to adopt a more market-oriented economy. But a key element of a prospective deal may end up reinforcing the economic power of the Chinese state.
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China, U.S. Pore Over Details of Agreement Text to End Trade War

Chinese and U.S. negotiators have been working line-by-line through the text of an agreement that can be put before President Donald Trump and counterpart Xi Jinping to defuse a nearly year-long trade war, according to officials familiar with the matter.
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Lost in translation? How verbal mishaps and lack of Chinese-language document threaten US-China trade deal

Misunderstandings and China’s concerns about being bullied have created distance, says Michael Pillsbury, an outside adviser to Donald Trump. Having no Chinese-language text of the 120-page draft agreement Beijing was potentially agreeing to could present an obstacle
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Top US trade officials head to China next week for new trade talks

WASHINGTON (REUTERS) – US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin plan to travel to China next week for another round of trade talks with Chinese Vice Premier Liu He, a Trump administration official said on Tuesday (March 19). es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino