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Liu He

Economía South China Morning Post - China Economía Internacional Orange Wang

Trade war: China to send Liu He to US to sign phase one deal next week but phase two talks remain remote

China’s Ministry of Commerce confirmed on Thursday that Vice-Premier Liu He will travel to Washington on Monday to sign the phase one deal with the United States
Economía South China Morning Post - China Economía Internacional Zhou Xin

Trade war: China to travel to US on January 13 to sign phase one deal

China delegation reschedules US trip after US President Donald Trump unilaterally announced January 15 date for ‘high representatives’ from Beijing to sign deal
Economía South China Morning Post - China Economía Internacional Wendy Wu

US-China trade war: Liu He, Robert Lighthizer and Steven Mnuchin hold phone call on core concerns over phase one deal

The two sides agree to continue communication about an agreement, Beijing says. Call suggests China is keeping trade negotiations separate from other disputes with Washington
Economía CNBC - Estados Unidos Economía Internacional Huileng Tan

While US-China ‘phase one’ trade deal stops escalation, analysts not optimistic for more by year end

On Friday, the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative said the two economic giants have made progress in trade discussions and have come close to finalizing parts of a phase one deal. While the phase one agreement may halt the tariff war, it doesn’t mean that current tariffs will be rolled back, analysts noted. Analysts were not hopeful that the two sides can reach consensus on more issues by the of the year.
Economía South China Morning Post - China Economía Internacional Wendy Wu

Donald Trump’s White House meeting with China’s top trade negotiator raises hopes for partial deal

Meeting with vice-premier Liu He could see new tariffs postponed and may help pave way for face-to-face talks with President Xi Jinping next month
Economía South China Morning Post - China Economía Internacional Zhou Xin

China tones down expectations ahead of US trade war talks as Vice-Premier Liu He leads team to Washington

The 13th round of talks will take place this week, but a source says that the Chinese delegation is already planning to cut short its stay in Washington by one night
Economía South China Morning Post - China Economía Internacional Orange Wang

China ‘still discussing’ next round of trade war talks with US amid escalating tensions as new tariffs loom

China has lodged a formal diplomatic complaint with latest tariff increases by US President Donald Trump set to come into force this weekend
Economía Financial Times - Reino Unido Economía Internacional Lucy Hornby

US-China trade talks resume amid barrage of mutual criticism

Donald Trump said there were “no signs” that China was moving ahead with promised purchases of US farm goods, adding to a barrage of mutual criticism as a new round of trade talks began in Shanghai.
Economía Bloomberg - Estados Unidos Economía Internacional

U.S., China Trade Negotiators Talk for Second Time Since Truce

U.S. and Chinese senior officials spoke by phone this week, the second call since the late June summit at which the two sides agreed to a truce in their ongoing trade conflict.
Economía ABC - España Política Económica

La guerra comercial llega a las Bolsas: China crea su propio Nasdaq

El nuevo índice tendrá la denominación oficial de «SSE Star Market» y tendrá como sede la Bolsa de Shanghai, para lo que ya han mostrado su interés más de 120 compañías tecnológicas chinas
Economía South China Morning Post - China Economía Internacional Zhou Xin

Was this the moment US-China trade talks fell apart?

Two separate Chinese sources told the South China Morning Post that the talks hit a snag because the US side “kept adding new demands in the late stages of the negotiations”. They said “some of these would directly affect China’s political and social stability”. Beijing was particularly angered by the additional tariffs and what it saw as the US’ attempt to shift the blame to China.
Economía Reuters Economía Internacional

China, U.S. agree to hold more trade talks: Vice Premier Liu He

10/05 - 19:21 - China and the United States have agreed to hold more trade talks in Beijing, Vice Premier Liu He told Chinese state media in the United States on Friday, following a round of discussions in Washington which he described as “honest” and “constructive”.
Economía Financial Times - Reino Unido James Politi

Trump hits China with tariff rise as trade war escalates

The US president’s decision to push ahead with a threat to increase tariffs from 10 per cent to 25 per cent sets the stage for a tense final day of negotiations between Liu He, China’s vice-premier, and Robert Lighthizer, the US trade representative, in Washington.
Economía The New York Times - Estados Unidos Economía Internacional Ana Swanson

Trump Says China Tariffs Will Increase as Trade Deal Hangs in the Balance

09/05 - 19:41 - President Trump praised the effects of tariffs, on the same day United States and Chinese officials were scheduled to meet to negotiate a trade deal. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino