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UN Security Council statement on Jerusalem held up by US

Statement would condemn looming evictions of Palestinians in Sheikh Jarrah, but include panning of Gaza rockets, thanks to push from US, UK diplomats
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Rivlin tries to persuade new ambassadors to move embassies to Jerusalem

14:41 - In his conversations with the ambassadors of Brazil and Portugal, Rivlin could not resist talking about soccer.
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Colombia will open trade office in Jerusalem, President Duque says

16:40 - Announcement comes during event to mark ratification of bilateral free-trade agreement with Israel signed 7 years ago — the Latin American country’s first in the Middle East
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Trump's Mideast plan: What's in it?

29/01 - 16:57 - U.S. President Donald Trump has proposed a “two-state” solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict but with strict conditions that Palestinians have rejected out of hand.
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Pidieron trasladar la Embajada Argentina a Jerusalén

El 20 de enero del 2020, se presentó ante el Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores y Culto (por mesa de entrada) con el número 176 el “PEDIDO DE TRASLADO DE EMBAJADA ARGENTINA EN ISRAEL”. La presentación fue realizada por Yamil Santoro y Darío Lopérfido, ambos del Partido Mejorar.
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Trump plan said to give Israel sovereignty throughout Jerusalem, all settlements

16:39 - TV report: Palestinian state only if PA accepts Israel as Jewish state and Hamas is disarmed; no big refugee influx; if Abbas rejects plan, Israel can start annexing
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Incoming Guatemalan president to keep country's embassy in Jerusalem

14/01 - 18:40 - Incoming Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei will keep his country’s embassy in Israel in the city of Jerusalem, a spokeswoman said on Tuesday, confirming the move made by his predecessor following pressure by U.S. President Donald Trump. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino