Jerome Powell

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Fed chief signals interest rate cut likely as soon as this month

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said downside risks to the economy remain with trade wars softening business investment and weak inflation, signaling that policy makers may be poised to cut interest rates as soon as this month.
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Trump Says U.S. Should Have Draghi Instead of Powell at Fed Helm

President Donald Trump said the U.S. should have Mario Draghi, president of the European Central Bank, at the helm of its monetary policy -- “instead of our Fed person” -- and reiterated that he has the right to demote or fire Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell.
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Markets ‘bullying’ Federal Reserve on interest rate cuts

Markets seem convinced that the Federal Reserve is going to cut interest rates next month. The only questions investors are now debating is to what extent the central bank will trim rates in July — and how low it will ultimately go.
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Los bancos centrales consagran la era de los tipos de interés negativos

Los bancos centrales de todo el mundo se han empleado a fondo con una combinación de medidas clásicas y otras menos ortodoxas. Entre las primeras, la laxitud en la política monetaria, que consiste en bajar al máximo los tipos de interés para reactivar la economía. Junto con esto, tanto el BCE de Draghi como la Fed de Janet Yellen –que a principios del 2018 cedió su puesto a Jerome Powell– y otros bancos centrales inyectaron billones en sus economías, fundamentalmente interviniendo en el mercado de deuda.
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Is the Federal Reserve about to cave to Trump’s demand to cut interest rates?

President Trump has been hectoring the Federal Reserve to lower interest rates, and financial markets are screaming for a cut. This even though rates are historically low and the economy is sailing along, albeit with some recent gray clouds.
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The Fed Is Doing Its Best To Achieve The Impossible

The Federal Reserve has taken a serious beating lately. Even President Trump, the man who selected Jay Powell as Fed Chair and who appointed three of the four remaining Fed Board members has thrown a few punches its way.
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The fate of Trump’s economy now hinges on the Federal Reserve, the agency the president called ‘crazy’

President Trump has pummeled the Federal Reserve with insults in recent months, calling it “crazy” and blaming it for any stock market dives or ugly economic data. But now the president has thrust the fate of the economy into the hands of the organization — and the man — he has suggested he doesn’t trust.
Economía The Washington Post - Estados Unidos Heather Long

The Fed is expected to hold rates steady. Here’s what that means for you.

The Federal Reserve is widely expected to leave interest rates unchanged at the conclusion of its two-day policy meeting Wednesday. So what does that mean for Americans who aren’t glued to CNBC and a Bloomberg terminal?
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Trump’s Fed Pick Stephen Moore Says He Will Challenge ‘Growth Phobiacs’

Stephen Moore, a proposed nominee for the Federal Reserve, said he’s planning to challenge the belief inside the U.S. central bank that growth causes inflation and will try to demystify monetary policy so it’s not conducted within a “temple of secrecy.”
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The High-Stakes Battle Between Donald Trump and the Federal Reserve

On Friday, Trump again defied the convention that the President stays out of monetary policy, calling on Powell and his colleagues to cut interest rates in order to boost the economy. Referring to the rate hikes that the Fed introduced last year, which were the source of his animus toward Powell, Trump said, “I think they really slowed us down.”
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Trump is again criticizing the Fed. Could that hurt the U.S. credit rating?

On Thursday, President Trump once again criticized the chair of the Federal Reserve, Jerome H. Powell, blaming the central bank for the U.S. economy’s slowing growth. That’s an echo of his March 2 complaint at a Conservative Political Action Conference, and of quite a few such critiques during 2018, when the president called out the Fed for steadily raising interest rates.
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Why the Fed Solidified Its Policy U-Turn

The central bank’s guidance on interest rates is more dovish than even the most sanguine bulls had hoped.
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Lento crecimiento de EU reduciría salarios a la mitad, reconoce Powell

El presidente de la Reserva Federal de Estados Unidos advirtió sobre el desafío de aumentar la productividad para impulsar el crecimiento.
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Powell Muddies Fed’s Monetary Message to Calm Markets for Now

He opens up possibility of rate pause, balance sheet shift. El-Erian warns Fed no longer seeking to repress volatility
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Le ragioni della crociata di Trump contro la Fed

I tassi di interesse hanno recuperato il gap con l'inflazione, che non vuole saperne di crescere. ulteriori rialzi potrebbero raffreddare la crescita usa, proprio sotto elezioni.
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Trump, tras la fuerte caída de Wall Street: “La Reserva Federal se ha vuelto loca”

El presidente arremete de nuevo contra la estrategia de subida de tipos de interés del banco central estadounidense tras el mayor desplome bursátil en meses
Economía The Wall Street Journal - Estados Unidos Economía Internacional Nick Timiraos

Federal Reserve Readies Third Interest-Rate Increase of 2018

The central bank is prepared to increase rates after its policy meeting concludes Wednesday, the eighth such move since late 2015. Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell last month defended the central bank’s strategy of gradually raising interest rates.
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La Fed advierte impactos negativos en EU por el proteccionismo

18/07/18 - 15:53 - En el segundo día de la comparecencia, ahora en la Cámara de Representantes, el presidente de la Fed dijo que el crecimiento de EU peligra si continúa el proteccionismo.
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US Federal Reserve hikes interest rates again

13/06/2018 15:31 - The US central bank voted to increase the cost of borrowing by 0.25 per cent to between 1.75 and 2 per cent. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino