Jeremy Corbyn

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Corbyn anuncia una moción de censura contra May por su gestión del Brexit

Este tipo de moción dirigida a título personal no provocaría, si fuera aprobada, la caída del Gobierno, sino que se percibe más bien cómo una táctica para erosionar la reputación y la autoridad de la primera ministra
Economía The Sun - Reino Unido Economía Internacional Natasha Clark

BAD FOR BRITAIN Theresa May’s Brexit deal ‘will cost £1,000 EACH as Britain’s economy shrinks’

UK GDP could fall by 3 per cent a year - costing Britain the economic value of the whole of Wales or the City of London
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The Tories are no longer scared. They now know Corbyn isn’t the messiah

Last night’s local election results mean the Conservatives aren’t terrified of another general election any more
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Theresa May resiste en su primera prueba tras las elecciones generales

Los laboristas de Corbyn no logran capitalizar el desgaste de la primera ministra en los comicios locales en Reino Unido
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Deafening Silence

Jeremy Corbyn should speak out against Iran’s repressive theocracy
Política The Independent - Reino Unido Política Internacional Tom Peck

Why is Jeremy Corbyn so willing to overlook human rights abuses in Iran?

02/1/18 - 17:01 - For almost forty years, Iran has been a bastion of anti-Americanism, a sentiment which, for a certain type of leftist, almost no price can be too high
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Jeremy Corbyn 'trying to rig election' by blocking reform to system that leaves 27 million voters under-represented

Jeremy Corbyn has been accused of “gerrymandering” by blocking reforms to an electoral system that is biased in favour of Labour and has become “an affront to democracy”.
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Corbyn’s comrades and the Russian revolution

The centenary of the October revolution is a good time to reflect on Labour’s leadership
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The Labour conference How the Corbynites want to reverse the 1980s

Labour plans to use Margaret Thatcher’s methods to overturn the Thatcher revolution
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Jeremy Corbyn promises rent controls and clampdown on gentrification

‘No social cleansing. No jacking up rents’ – Labour leader invokes memory of Grenfell Tower in speech to party conference
Economía The Telegraph - Reino Unido Economía Internacional Jeremy Warner

The next financial crisis is coming. Corbyn in combination with Brexit would pretty much guarantee it

The banking system has been made much safer since the Global Financial Crisis, but the regulatory response has largely been about fighting the last war
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Jeremy Corbyn: “Los conservadores no están en posición para negociar el Brexit”

El líder del Partido Laborista dijo a La Tercera que el laborismo está listo para gobernar y negociar el mejor acuerdo para Reino Unido.
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Would Corbyn give the Falklands away? Labour leader says he would start the debate in 2013

JEREMY CORBYN hinted he would enter into discussions with Argentina about the ownership of the Falklands Islands before he became Labour Party leader in a 2013 BBC interview.
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May, muy débil, pide colaboración e ideas a Corbyn

La primera ministra, frágil y cuestionada cuando cumple un año en el poder
Política The Guardian - Reino Unido Política Internacional Heather Stewart

May adopts contrite tone after Tory MPs vent anger over election

Prime minister apologises to Tories who lost seats and reaffirms top cabinet posts in DUP-backed minority government es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino