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British soldier returns remains of plane shot down in Falklands to Argentina

A BRITISH soldier has returned what is left of a plane shot down in the Falkland Islands to Argentina.
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Falklands Islands row erupts as Britain confronts Argentina over fresh sovereignty claims

BRITAIN has lost patience with Argentina over its recent sabre-rattling over the Falklands and fired off a formal complaint about policies being pushed through by president Alberto Fernandez.
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Constatan Argentina y Cuba buen estado de nexos bilaterales

Cuba y Argentina constataron hoy el positivo estado de las relaciones bilaterales, en reunión de Consultas Políticas realizada a través de videoconferencia, informó la cancillería de la isla.
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Falklands power grab: Argentinian minister shamed over 'gimmick' -'Sad they can't move on'

ARGENTINA's provocative move to issue a photograph of foreign minister Felipe Sola putting on a Falklands-themed facemask for use by the media has been dismissed as a "gimmick" by the Secretary of the Falkland Islands All Party Parliamentary Group
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Falklands power grab: Incoming UK ambassador told to step up Argentina's Malvinas push

ARGENTINA'S incoming ambassador to the UK has been told to step up sovereignty claims over the Falkland Islands, sources from within the South American country's foreign ministry have said.
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