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Japan and U.S. militaries complete multiple joint air and sea exercises

The Maritime Self-Defense Force destroyer Ikazuchi (left), fleet replenishment oiler USNS John Ericsson (center) and aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan steam ahead while conducting a replenishment-at-sea in the Philippine Sea on Sunday, part of four days of joint training that ended Tuesday. | U.S. NAVY
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Las exportaciones de Japón vuelven a desplomarse en julio hasta casi un 20%

Las exportaciones de Japón alcanzaron en julio un valor de 5,36 billones de yenes (42.589 millones de euros), lo que representa una caída interanual del 19,2%, como consecuencia del fuerte retroceso de las ventas a Estados Unidos (-19,5%) y Europa Occidental (-32,5%), a pesar del levantamiento de las restricciones aplicadas durante los meses anteriores para contener la pandemia de Covid-19.
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Japón presta al país US$ 83 millones

El ministro de Relaciones Exteriores, Antonio Rivas Palacios, y el embajador de Japón, Ishida Naohiro, suscribieron acuerdos para fortalecer la cooperación en áreas de la salud, agua potable y saneamiento.
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Guterres pide la "eliminación" de las armas nucleares y lamenta que el mundo sigue "sin lograr ese objetivo"

El secretario general de Naciones Unidas, António Guterres, ha pedido a los Estados, especialmente a los poseedores de armas nucleares, la "eliminación total" de las mismas, al tiempo que ha lamentado que el mundo sigue "sin lograr ese objetivo".
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UK and Japan rush to secure post-Brexit trade deal

Both sides see agreement as key although it will largely replicate existing EU-Tokyo accord
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Japón dona 4,7 millones de dólares a Colombia para fortalecer hospitales

19:47 - La donación llegará a hospitales de Cartagena de Indias, Cúcuta, Maicao, Arauca, Puerto Carreño, Inírida, San José del Guaviaré, Mitú, Mocoa, Tumaco y Quibdó.
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Japan's factory output rebounds, jobless rate dips as lockdown lifts

Japan's industrial output snapped four months of decline in June, pointing to a modest recovery in broader business and consumer activity in the world's third-largest economy following a heavy hit to demand from the coronavirus pandemic.
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Fitch revises Japan’s long-term outlook from stable to negative

Fitch Ratings has revised the outlook on Japan’s sovereign rating from stable to negative while keeping the rating itself unchanged, following a similar move last month by S&P Global Ratings.
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Brasil e outros parceiros cobram maior abertura comercial do Japão

O Japâo é o sexto maior parceiro comercial do Brasil, e as relações bilaterais em geral são consideradas muito boas.
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Japan factory output slumps as economy sinks deeper into recession

Japan's industrial output fell for a fourth straight month in May to the lowest level since the global financial crisis, highlighting the widespread impact of the coronavirus on factory and overall business and consumer activity.
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Japan gives UK six weeks to strike a post-Brexit trade deal

Japan has given the UK just six weeks to strike a post-Brexit deal, putting Boris Johnson’s government under pressure to agree one of the fastest trade negotiations in history, the Financial Times reported.
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The case for Japan-U.S. space cooperation in the Indo-Pacific

On May 18, about six months after the United States established the Space Force, Japan launched a new Space Operations Squadron. These moves by the two allies reflect the importance that each country attaches to outer space given its key role for information technology, military strategy, and the economy.
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Bank of Japan expands financing support for firms hit by virus

The Bank of Japan on Tuesday decided to expand its financing support for businesses hit by the novel coronavirus pandemic, while maintaining its ultraeasy monetary policy in a bid to underpin the country’s economy.
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Japan says it wants to take lead with G7 on Hong Kong security laws

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said Wednesday that Japan hopes to “take the lead” in a Group of Seven statement on the turmoil in Hong Kong, where China has vowed to impose strict new security laws.
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Japón y Reino Unido empiezan conversaciones sobre tratado de libre comercio

Japón y Reino Unido empezaron hoy formalmente las conversaciones sobre un tratado de libre comercio, con el objetivo de alcanzar para finales de este año un acuerdo sobre su comercio posterior al "brexit".
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Japan's household spending falls at record pace as coronavirus stalls economy

Japan’s household spending fell at the fastest pace on record in April as the coronavirus shut down travel and dining-out in the world’s third-largest economy, and prospects of higher jobs losses chilled consumer sentiment.
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Korea-Japan ties back to turmoil

Fractious relations between Korea and Japan are likely to turn hostile as Seoul has taken countermeasures against Tokyo's export restrictions and refusal to comply with Korean court rulings regarding certain companies' use of Korean forced laborers, raising speculations that the Japanese government could respond with economic retaliation.
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Trump envisions a three-way nuclear pact. China has other ideas

Washington takes aim at Beijing's atomic ambitions as White House vows 'new era of arms control'.
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Nikkei hits fresh three-month high on U.S. rally and weaker yen

The benchmark 225-issue Nikkei average hit a fresh three-month high in Tokyo trading Wednesday as stocks continued to rise thanks to an overnight rise in U.S. equities and a weaker yen.
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'New era' for China-Japan ties dissipates over Trump-Xi fight

What was meant to be a landmark year for Japan-China relations has turned sour, as the US standoff with Beijing leaves Prime Minister Shinzo Abe caught up in a fight between his country's biggest trading partner and its sole military ally.
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