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Japan, South Korea deepen trade dispute

Japan and South Korea ratcheted up tension on Tuesday in a diplomatic dispute that threatens to disrupt global supply of smartphones and chips, with Seoul denouncing Japanese media reports that it transferred a key chemical to North Korea
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Japón dona a Colombia 4,5 millones de dólares para atender inmigración desde Venezuela

Los gobiernos de Colombia y Japón formalizaron la entrega de 4,5 millones de dólares del país asiático para atender el flujo de inmigrantes proveniente de Venezuela que se encuentran en territorio colombiano.
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After 31 years, Japan resumes commercial whaling

Japanese fishermen set sail on Monday to hunt whales commercially for the first time in 31 years after Tokyo's controversial withdrawal from the International Whaling Commission (IWC) triggered outrage from environmental groups.
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Japón cambia la agenda del G20 en relación a lo planteado por Argentina

Japón introdujo otros ejes de discusión como anfitrión de la próxima cumbre del Grupo de los 20 países industrializados y emergentes (G20), que tendrá lugar en Osaka, respecto de los asuntos de debate que fijó Argentina en 2018 durante su presidencia de este foro, dijeron a Sputnik dos analistas.
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Can the G20 summit pave a path for the future of multilateral trade?

Koji Tomita, a Foreign Ministry official representing Japan at the G20 summit, said at a conference last month that regaining public confidence in multilateralism is one of the summit’s goals.
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Piñera se reunirá en Japón con mandatarios del Grupo de Lima para abordar crisis en Venezuela

El Presidente -quien inició este domingo su gira- sostendrá un encuentro en Osaka, en el marco de la cumbre del G-20, con Jail Bolsonaro, Mauricio Macri y el primer ministro de Canadá, Justin Trudeau.
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Three meetings to watch at the G20 summit

The eyes of the world will be on Japan again when the Group of 20 summit kicks off in Osaka next week. As host, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will greet the leaders of the world’s 20 most powerful countries and use the opportunity to showcase Japan as an island of geopolitical stability.
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Presidente argentino asistirá a cumbre del G20 y viajará a Indonesia y Francia

El presidente de Argentina, Mauricio Macri, viajará durante el mes de junio a Indonesia y Francia, y asistirá a la cumbre del Grupo de los Veinte (G20) que se efectuará del 28 al 29 de junio en la ciudad japonesa de Osaka.
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After Tehran visit, hurdles remain high for Abe in bid to mediate between U.S. and Iran

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has embarked on an ambitious endeavor to play the role of international mediator in the hope of charting a course for dialogue between Tehran and Washington.
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Corfo e InvestChile promueven en Japón llamado a productores especializados en litio

El “Lithium Call” partió el viernes pasado en París, donde las autoridades chilenas se reunieron con empresas europeas.
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EU ministers to focus on trade tensions at G20

Resolving global trade tensions must be a top priority to preserve an expected modest rebound in global growth, European Union finance ministers will tell G20 counterparts this week amid an escalating U.S.-Chinese trade conflict.
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The EU and Japan struggle to harness Trump’s China trade ire

Japan and Europe are not used to thinking of themselves as collateral damage in other countries’ trade wars.
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El Embajador de Japón de visita por Yacyretá

Una Delegación Diplomática de la Embajada de Japón, encabezada por el Embajador Extraordinario y Plenipotenciario Naohiro Ishida, visitó la Central Hidroeléctrica Yacyretá.
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Trump and Abe’s ‘Unshakable Bond’ Shows Some Cracks in Tokyo

Standing at side-by-side lecterns inside the gilded Akasaka State Guest House in Tokyo, President Trump and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan sought to show the world the strength of what Mr. Abe called their “unshakable bond.”
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Trump says US not seeking 'regime change' in Iran

On Tokyo visit, US President Trump tells Prime Minister Abe he backs Japan's efforts for talks with Iran amid standoff.
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Key index points to Japanese economic downturn for first time in six years

The government said Monday its key composite index of economic indicators shows the economy “worsening” for the first time in more than six years, reinforcing the view that Japan may have entered a recession.
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Filipinas, EEUU, Japón e India hacen maniobras marítimas en aguas disputadas

Las Marinas de Filipinas, Estados Unidos, Japón e India realizaron hoy por primera vez unas maniobras marítimas conjuntas en las aguas disputadas del Mar de China Meridional, donde China ha ocupado de facto varios territorios.
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Germany expresses readiness to work with Japan on free trade and WTO reform

Germany is ready to cooperate with Japan on promoting free trade and reforming the World Trade Organization, Germany’s economic minister, Peter Altmaier, said in a recent written interview with Jiji Press.
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Abe ready to meet North Korea's Kim Jong Un 'unconditionally' to 'break the shell of mutual distrust'

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has offered to meet North Korean leader Kim Jong Un “unconditionally” in a bid to restore diplomatic ties between the two foes, a daily newspaper reported Thursday.
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