Janet Yellen

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Yellen Says Debt-Limit Deal Will Keep Government Funded Through Dec. 3

Treasury secretary tells Congress it is ‘imperative’ to increase or suspend debt limit to provide longer-term certainty
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Yellen Declines to Take IMF Chief’s Calls in Scandal’s Wake

Biden administration has yet to offer support for Georgieva. Treasury reiterates statement of concern about findings
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Janet Yellen and Jerome Powell warn that the Delta variant is slowing the recovery.

America’s two top economic policymakers will warn lawmakers on Tuesday that the Delta variant of the coronavirus has slowed the economic recovery but will convey optimism about the economy’s overall trajectory, according to prepared remarks.
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As Debt Default Looms, Yellen Faces Her Biggest Test Yet

The Treasury secretary must wade into a standoff between Democrats and Republicans over raising the debt limit.
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EU agotará sus fondos en octubre: Janet Yellen

En el 2011, Standard and Poor’s retiró al país su nota “AAA” luego de largos meses de bloqueo político sobre el límite de endeudamiento.
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Janet Yellen Gets a Chance to Shape the Fed, This Time From Outside

As Jerome H. Powell nears the end of his term as Federal Reserve chair, Ms. Yellen will have a say over whether he should stay on. Many progressive Democrats want him replaced.
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Janet Yellen Weighs Visit to China, Her First as Treasury Secretary

Would mark first face-to-face U.S.-China economic talks. Trip may depend on travel risks owing to delta variant
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Yellen advierte al Congreso sobre el límite de la deuda de EU

La falta de un consenso sobre si algunos recortes del gasto público deberían acompañarse con un aumento en el límite de deuda nacional podría ocasionar un cierre del gobierno federal.
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Yellen Expresses Doubts on Results of Trump’s China Deal

Some U.S. tariffs hurt consumers, Yellen tells New York Times. Deal is one area of stability amid increasingly fractured ties
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U.S. Extends Trump-Era Halt to Economic Dialogue With China

17:42 - Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and her staff have no plans to resurrect the regular U.S.-China economic dialogue that governed ties between the two nations during the Bush and Obama administrations, continuing for now the suspension put in place under President Donald Trump.
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Yellen optimistic EU tax deal holdouts will sign up

US Treasury secretary believes the three EU countries that have not yet agreed to the global accord will say ‘yes’
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Em Bruxelas, Yellen pede apoio da UE para enfrentar China e Rússia

10:19 - A secretária do Tesouro dos EUA criticou as práticas econômicas injustas e os abusos dos direitos humanos da China e o “comportamento maligno contínuo e crescente” da Rússia
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Yellen Looks to Revive U.S.-EU Ties in Facing Down China, Russia

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen made a new push in Brussels to repair U.S. ties with the European Union, urging members of the bloc to help confront China and Russia.
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U.S. Wins International Backing for Global Minimum Tax

15:50 - Officials from 130 countries agree to broad outlines of wider overhaul of rules for taxing international companies
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