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Annexation can still happen in July, US source tells ‘Post’

White House peace team to meet today • Jordan, Egypt, Germany and France warn against move.
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Iran says world ‘must respond’ to Israel after blast at nuclear site

Government spokesman calls for ‘limits to these dangerous actions by the Zionist regime’; Mideast official says explosion at Natanz was meant as a ‘wake-up call’ to Tehran.
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Egypt, Jordan, France and Germany warn annexation may hurt ties with Israel

Also, Netanyahu tells UK’s Boris Johnson that Israel remains committed to peace negotiations with Palestinians based on ‘creative and realistic’ Trump plan
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Netanyahu to lose annexation option if new elections held first

06/07 - 14:31 - New Israeli elections would take at least four months, so that a new Israeli government would most likely be formed only after the US presidential election in November.
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Israel lanza un nuevo satélite de espionaje centrado en el programa nuclear iraní

El lanzamiento de Ofek 16 coincide con la explosión en un pequeño recinto en la central nuclear de Natanz en lo que parece un cibersabotaje de Israel contra el enriquecimiento de uranio iraní.
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Israel successfully launches Ofek 16 spy satellite into space

13:41 - The advanced satellite will significantly enhance the intelligence capabilities of the State of Israel.
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Signs of re-normalization in foreign diplomatic corps

He was scheduled to receive the credentials of the ambassadors of Colombia, Greece, Denmark and China on March 23, but the ceremony was canceled due to COVID-19.
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Telemedicina entre Argentina e Israel: Primera ronda de negocios virtual

La Cámara de Comercio Argentino Israelí y la Embajada de Israel en Argentina junto al Instituto de Exportación y Cooperación Internacional de Israel, organizaron la “Primera Ronda de Negocios Virtual sobre Telemedicina”, con el objeto de relacionar a empresas israelíes, proveedoras de soluciones en tecnologías médicas, con las entidades locales del sector salud.
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Russia, Iran, Turkey say Israeli strikes in Syria are ‘destabilizing’

01/07 - 16:16 - Leaders condemn Jewish state for violating ‘territorial integrity’ of its Arab neighbor, pan US recognition of Golan Heights as Israeli
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La disensiones en Israel y la presión internacional aplazan la anexión de Cisjordania

15:56 - Netanyahu afronta los límites de la extensión de soberanía a los asentamientos y el valle del Jordán
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As virus cases mount, EU leaves Israel off list of countries allowed to visit

15:04 - 14 countries given okay to begin reciprocal tourism with European bloc; intelligence report warns reopening of Israeli skies in August won’t be possible if infection rate persists
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Netanyahu indicates delay in annexation date after meeting with US envoys

30/06 - 13:55 - Knesset speaker, national security adviser also participate in talks with Ambassador Friedman and special envoy Berkowitz
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Boris Johnson pide a Israel, "como amigo", que no consume la anexión de Cisjordania

El primer ministro de Reino Unido, Boris Johnson, ha emplazado al Gobierno de Israel, "como amigo", a que no anuncie en julio la anexión de parte de Cisjordania, por considerar que no contribuiría a mejorar la seguridad ni la estabilidad de la zona, ya de por sí frágil.
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AI advierte que el plan de anexión israelí promoverá la "ley de la jungla"

30/06 - 21:58 - Amnistía Internacional reclamó hoy parar el plan del Gobierno israelí para anexionar partes de Cisjordania ocupada por ser "ilegal" y promover "la ley de la jungla".
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UN rights chief says annexation plans ‘illegal,’ consequences will last decades

12:46 - Michelle Bachelet warns that extending sovereignty over West Bank areas ‘will be extremely damaging to Israel, as well as to the Palestinians’
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As annexation looms, PM urges Palestinians to talks on basis of Trump plan

‘Israel is prepared for such negotiations,’ Netanyahu says in message to Evangelical Christian summit; appears to hint annexation could be limited to settlement blocs.
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Israeli PM announces 'cooperation' with UAE to fight coronavirus

25/06 - 17:36 - Netanyahu says two countries will soon collaborate in different areas to improve region's health security.
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The gateway to Asia stretches beyond China for Israeli innovators

HI-TECH AFFAIRS: Alternative landing pads for start-ups in Asia range from Japan and South Korea to Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino