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Política The Jerusalem Post - Israel Política Internacional

Bolivian minister seeks Israel help in fighting alleged leftist 'terrorism'

06/12 - 16:13 - Her government has also set up police units to conduct counter-terrorism operations. TV footage broadcast on local media have showed police in face masks with guns in training sessions.
Política Haaretz - Israel Política Internacional

Israel's Defense Chief Warns Iran: Syria Will Become Your Vietnam

Comments by Naftali Bennett follow remark from Israel's foreign minister, who was quoted as saying Israel would consider striking Iran if it came close to being nuclear-capable
Política The Times of Israel - Israel Política Internacional

Iran said exploiting Iraqi unrest to place missiles that could hit Israel

NY Times quotes US officials saying the missiles also threaten Saudi Arabia and American troops stationed in area, and are part of Tehran’s efforts to project power in Middle East
Política France 24 - Francia Política Internacional

New French bill equating anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism ‘is going very far afield’

03/12 - 15:08 - A group of 127 Jewish intellectuals has signed a petition against a new French bill which will equate anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism. FRANCE 24 spoke with one of the signatories who calls the bill “problematic”, saying it “delegitimises the legitimate act of criticising the state of Israel".
Política The Jerusalem Post - Israel Política Internacional Gil Hoffman

No agreement reached during Netanyahu, Gantz talks as third election looms

"In short, Netanyahu has decided on elections," said Blue and White. "Nevertheless we will continue until the last moment to try and exhaust every opportunity to form a government."
Política The Jerusalem Post - Israel Política Internacional Herb Keinon

To India's Modi, Netanyahu remains a 'dear friend'

“My dear friend Bibi,” Modi wrote in a tweet. “Thank you for your message on India's #ConstitutionDay. Israel is a cherished strategic partner. We share and value the same principles of democracy.”
Política El País - España Política Internacional

Israel deporta al director de HRW que denunció a Airbnb

El defensor de derechos humanos Omar Shakir fue acusado de apoyar una campaña propalestina
Política The Times of Israel - Israel Política Internacional

After charges, Gantz demands Netanyahu quit his ministries, right pledges faith

Blue and White asks AG to require PM give up 4 ministerial portfolios; other rivals plan rallies, High Court appeals; more Likud ministers speak up for premier after staying silent
Política Deutsche Welle (DW) - Alemania Política Internacional Tom Allinson

Iran and Israel renegotiate 'rules of the game' in Syria shadow war

Israel's "wide-scale" response to Iranian-backed rocket attacks on the Golan Heights have shown the dynamics of deterrence between Tel Aviv and Tehran are being renegotiated.
Política The Times of Israel - Israel Política Internacional Raoul Wootliff

Accusing Netanyahu of trying to steal election, Gantz opens campaign for another

Contrasting his own outlook with Netanyahu’s, the Blue and White chief paints a picture of two different leaders – one selfless, the other self-obsessed – and two different Israels
Política El País - España Política Internacional Editorial

Decisión errada

La decisión estadounidense de no considerar ilegales las colonias israelíes en Cisjordania es un golpe demoledor al proceso de paz
Política Al Jazeera - Qatar Política Internacional

Israel says it bombed Iranian, Syrian targets inside Syria

Syrian state media says two civilians killed in attack, air defences destroyed most missiles fired over Damascus.
Política Jerusalem Post - Israel Política Internacional YAAKOV KATZ

West Bank settlements not illegal, Pompeo announces in historic shift

U.S. Ambassador Friedman to ‘Post’: New policy advances the cause of Israeli-Palestinian peace • PM: Policy rights a historical wrong
Política El País - España Política Internacional Juan Carlos Sanz

La Yihad Islámica acepta un alto el fuego en Gaza tras dos días de bombardeos israelíes

La ofensiva ha causado 34 muertos, entre ellos ocho miembros de una familia palestina. La milicia islamista ha disparado 450 cohetes
Política The Times of Israel - Israel Política Internacional Raoul Wootliff

President: Despite Gaza conflict, no extension possible for would-be PM Gantz

With 7 days remaining for Blue and White leader to form government, Rivlin meets with Liberman, says he’s ‘available to the sides for any further clarification’ on his unity plan
Política The Jerusalem Post - Israel Organismos Internacionales Tovah Lazaroff

UN envoy: Coming days critical to prevent fourth Israeli-Gaza war

Middle East Peace Process Nickolay Mladenov has been in Cairo working with the Egyptians to bring Israel and the Palestinians in Gaza back from the bring of war.
Política The Jerusalem Post - Israel Política Internacional LAHAV HARKOV y TOVAH LAZAROFF

Islamic Jihad says not ready for ceasefire; PM: Israel will do what’s needed

“We will not tolerate attacks on our citizens,” Netanyahu said. “In the last year, we accumulated a mass of these attacks.” es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino