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Listing Biden’s foreign policy priorities, Blinken doesn’t include Israel, Iran

In his first major speech, secretary of state calls US ties with China the ‘biggest geopolitical test’ of the 21st century
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Israel claims Iran dumped oil in sea in 'environmental attack'

Environmental protection minister says suspect ship is now anchored in Iran but offers no evidence spill was intentional
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ICC announces investigation into Israeli, Palestinian war crimes

12:50 - Chief Prosecutor Bensouda promises to investigate ‘impartially and objectively’; her look back starts from the day after 3 Israeli teens were murdered in West Bank in 2014
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Unos se acercan a Israel y otros miran a Rusia y China: varios países de la UE se desmarcan de Bruselas para buscar más vacunas

12:48 - Tel Aviv mantiene conversaciones con Austria y Dinamarca para fabricar vacunas contra el coronavirus, mientras Polonia, Hungría y Eslovaquia negocian vacunas con Moscú y Pekín
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Israel in talks with Saudi, UAE, Bahrain for defense alliance against Iran

Following op-ed by Ronald Lauder in Saudi paper, PMO says its 'not confirming report, but we are always interested in upgrading ties with our Middle East partners.'
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Netanyahu: Iran clearly behind blast that hit Israeli-owned ship in Gulf

In media blitz, PM says Israel striking Iran across region, won’t permit Tehran to get nuclear weapons; refuses to rule out future bid for immunity, denies trying to delay trial
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Israel freezes programme to send vaccines abroad, defence minister says

20:23 - Israel has frozen its programme to send COVID-19 vaccines abroad to buy international goodwill, Defence Minister Benny Gantz said on Thursday, after the initiative came under legal scrutiny.
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Netanyahu hopes for full reopening of country by April

PM says he wants to vaccinate all Israelis over 16 by end of March, shortly after the elections; top officials urge public to follow coronavirus rules over Purim
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Netanyahu asked Biden to maintain US sanctions on ICC — report

20:05 - Israeli officials argue to US that Trump-imposed measures give leverage to contest charges in Afghanistan, Gaza and West Bank
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Partida de embaixador amigo de Bolsonaro sinaliza mudança na relação com Israel

18:59 - Conhecido pelo estilo sem rodeios, Yossi Shelley será substituído por diplomata de carreira
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Israel to use excess Covid vaccines for international diplomacy

16:54 - First countries to receive doses will be Honduras, Czech Republic and Guatemala. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government has rejected suggestions Israel is obliged under international law to provide vaccines for the Palestinians that live under its occupation
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Rivlin tries to persuade new ambassadors to move embassies to Jerusalem

14:41 - In his conversations with the ambassadors of Brazil and Portugal, Rivlin could not resist talking about soccer.
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Israel: Iran’s nuclear actions require immediate international response

12:39 - FM Ashkenazi says Tehran ‘crushing the last vestiges of oversight by the IAEA’; Defense Minister Gantz says IDF ‘constantly preparing’ for possibility of military action
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Israel Gives Vaccine to Far-Off Allies, as Palestinians Wait

20:51 - The donations will go to nations like the Czech Republic and Honduras that pledged to move diplomats to Jerusalem. Critics say Israel has an obligation to inoculate Palestinians under its occupation.
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Iran could boost uranium enrichment to 60 percent: Khamenei

17:05 - Remarks come as European powers, US in disagreement with Iran over how to restore nuclear deal.
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Netanyahu planta cara por primera vez a Biden ante el retorno de EE UU al pacto nuclear con Irán

18:13 - “El regreso al antiguo acuerdo allanará el camino a Teherán hacia un arsenal atómico”, advierte el primer ministro de Israel
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Israel será el primer país en lograr inmunidad colectiva frente al Covid-19, estima la OPS

16:22 - Hasta ahora, Israel ha aplicado únicamente la vacuna de Pfizer/BioNTech, aunque posee una pequeña reserva del fármaco desarrollado por la firma estadounidense de biotecnología Moderna
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US and Israel announce work on new Arrow 4 air defense system amid Iran tensions

12:25 - With ‘extraordinary flight and interception capabilities,’ the latest generation in the family of anti-ballistic missiles is set to replace the Arrow 2 in the coming decades es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino