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Piden venganza en funeral del “padre” del programa nuclear iraní muerto en atentado

El entierro del científico Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, muerto en un atentado que Irán atribuye a Israel, fue dirigido por el ministerio de Defensa. El científico era considerado la cabeza de los planes atómicos de Teherán.
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India's Jaishankar: Abraham Accords open doors for UAE-Indo relations

Speaking to WAM in Abu Dhabi, India's External Affairs minister ensured and enshrined its long-standing relationship with the UAE, although stating that it has not yet "realized its full potential."
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Killing of suspected Iranian nuclear mastermind risks confrontation as Trump exits

18:16 - An Iranian scientist long suspected by the West of masterminding a secret nuclear bomb programme was killed in an ambush near Tehran on Friday that could provoke confrontation between Iran and its foes in the last weeks of Donald Trump’s presidency.
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Uruguay cambia de posición en la ONU y se abstiene de votar tres resoluciones sobre la actividad de Israel en “territorios ocupados”

26/11 - Las decisiones tomadas en una comisión refieren a los "asentamientos israelíes", el "Golán sirio ocupado" y prácticas que "afectan los derechos humanos del pueblo palestino".
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Netanyahu warns elections could be on the way

Gantz reportedly still considering giving in to the prime minister's demands.
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Flydubai launches first scheduled Dubai-Tel Aviv flight

United Arab Emirates in September signed a deal to normalise relations with Israel, the first such agreement by an Arab state in the Gulf.
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Benjamin Netanyahu is nominated for Nobel Peace Prize following recent breakthroughs in relationships between Israel and Arab states

14:50 - Good Friday Agreement lawmaker Lord Trimble nominated the Israeli PM. He also nominated Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the UAE Crown Prince. Israel has normalised ties with Gulf states Bahrain and UAE in recent months. There are rumours that Netanyahu even travelled to meet MBS in Saudi Arabia.
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Israel and Saudi Arabia send a clear signal to Iran—and Joe Biden

ISRAELI MINISTERS were told at the last moment that a cabinet meeting scheduled for November 22nd had been postponed. Not said was that the prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, was making his way to the airport where he was met by the chief of the Mossad spy agency, Yossi Cohen, who also functions as his plenipotentiary to countries with which Israel does not have official relations. As night fell they took off together in the private jet of a friendly millionaire and flew south, over the Red Sea, to Saudi Arabia. After just a few hours on the ground, they took off back to Israel.
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UN panel votes 163-5 in support of Palestinian statehood, end of occupation

12:09 - Draft calling for two-state solution passes General Assembly’s Third Committee in large package of annual pro-Palestinian resolutions that Israel argues shows bias against it
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Pompeo to 'Post': All options still on the table to counter Iran

On Thursday Pompeo became the first US Secretary of State to visit a West Bank settlement, as well as the Golan Heights.
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Pompeo makes unprecedented Golan Heights visit: ‘This is Israel’

14:52 - Secretary tours Syrian border with Israeli counterpart, scoffs at US elites and ‘salons of Europe’ who want Assad to control strategic ridge; is briefed on Iran’s influence in area
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Will Trump's major foreign policy legacy be Israel and Palestine?

From ‘peace’ deals to gutting aid, the US president has had a major impact on the region.
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Pompeo, Handing Israel One More Prize, Calls B.D.S. Movement Anti-Semitic

The secretary of state was also expected to make precedent-setting visits to a Jewish settlement in the occupied West Bank and to the Golan Heights.

Pompeo refuerza en Jerusalén el eje árabe-israelí contra Irán

Tiene previsto convertirse, este viernes, en el primer secretario de Estado en el cargo en viajar a los territorios ocupados
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Two summits: Arab kings gather in UAE as Bahrain, Israel meet - analysis

In short, the Kingdom of Jordan and Israel showcase what peace can look like if it is not built upon strong civil society, economic factors and personal warmth.
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Netanyahu said to ask US for okay to advance East Jerusalem building plans

17:52 - PM reportedly intends to discuss constructing thousands of homes in Atarot with Pompeo, wanting to establish facts on the ground before Biden takes office
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Palestinians announce renewal of ties with Israel as annexation fears fade

Six months after ending relations with Jerusalem in protest over now-ditched sovereignty plan, Ramallah announces that all ties ‘will return to their previous state’
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Palestinians restore ties with Israel

17:02 - PA Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh said that the Palestinians have received a written document in which Israel pledges to abide by all the agreements with the Palestinians. es un sitio web oficial del Gobierno Argentino